Model Display Cases for Diecast Cars, Model Kits, & Collectibles

Durable Acrylic Collectible Cases Protect Valuable Items on the Wall or Countertop

Are you looking for a great way to showcase diecast cars, scale model kits, and other specialty items? Our model display cases are a great way to get those items off of your collectors shelf and into limelight for all to see! There’s no need to have your most valued items tucked away at home, only to see the light of day when being shown off to a friend, or stashed behind a retail counter out of sight from potential customers. These acrylic model display cases are durable in high-traffic areas, protecting merchandise while maintaining visibility. Our memorabilia showcases are versatile, suitable for both commercial and residential use, and can highlight one or many items.

Traditional model display cases create museum-style presentation in your home or store. Most of these fixtures are constructed with an acrylic dust cover and an MDF base which makes them lightweight, easy to manage, and less of a hazard of broken. Wood bases, extruded aluminum frames, and linen or velvet decks allow many different elegant style options to complement the content inside in an eye-catching showcase. These wall mount & countertop model display cases feature lift-off tops which allow easy access to quick-change or show the objects inside. Whether used to showcase mini figurines, diecast car collections, aircraft models, or high-value retail items, our selection of lightweight memorabilia holders includes a style for every need.

Avid collectors and hobbyists alike use these model display cases to protect valuable pieces such as scale airplanes, ships, cars, and even finished model kits like Lego or Gundam. For at-home collectors, these roomy shadow-style enclosures blend in with existing home decor and brings your most valued items to attention. Use these fixtures to showcase your latest Gundam or Lego build. Retailers who sell model kits or collectible figurines use these enclosures to show customers what a finished build will look like, often placing them near stocked shelves to encourage purchases. Whether these model display cases are being used at home or in a retail store, they will complement any item without distracting the viewer.

What are the different options for small plastic showcases?
  • Tabletop display cases with lift-up tops are designed to both protect and attract attention to contents. These small showcases don't take up a lot of precious counter space, yet still offer a sizable area to exhibit one or more precious pieces.
  • Transparent plastic enclosures with elegant framing protect objects from dust and other airborne contaminants while maintaining visibility. Available in both portrait and landscape-orientation styles, these display cases hold 3-dimensional art pieces, antiques, as well as modern sports memorabilia or personal treasures.
  • Shadowbox-style enclosures feature refined decks with either flat or wedge-shaped bases. A variety of decking materials such as linen, velvet, and wood can be used to either complement or create a striking contrast to contents. Versatile hardware options allow these stylish fixtures to be wall-mounted to create gallery-style exhibits in both commercial and residential environments. Ideal for single-object attractions, these plastic boxes can also be used to house multiple items to create themed collections. This type of fixture is intended to showcase a single item, or a handful of smaller items part of a cohesive set.

Our small display cases are constructed from shatter & scratch resistant acrylic, which is lightweight and easy to handle when needed. Each fixture is constructed with high quality fabrication materials for prolonged use. Take advantage of the versatility of these cases by positioning them on the wall or atop one of the many retail merchandising fixtures available on our site. Shop a large selection of showcases to find the perfect match for your store and ensure that all of your most valued products, collectibles, and memorabilia is not only visible, but protected as well.

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