LED Pedestals and Tables with Built-In Illumination

Museum Quality LED Tables and Pedestals with Locking Tempered Glass Cases

LED Display Cases

The presentation of a centerpiece in any gallery can make or break the success of an event. Curators face the challenge of attracting attention to high-value or rare items throughout the exhibit floor, attracting attention where needed while not distracting from other displays. Use these LED museum showcases to illuminate artifacts, collectibles, and art in dimly lit areas. These cabinets are ideal for featuring high-end jewelry and merchandise as retail store fixtures as well, and are not limited to artistic showrooms. LED museum showcases add a luxurious touch to any gallery or sales floor, elegantly presenting valuables in an illuminated display.

These cabinets are built from medium density fiberboard (MDF), which has more durability than solid wood through prolonged public use, and shatter resistant tempered glass or acrylic tops. We offer a variety of refined wood finishes including black, white, silver, and bronze. Many of our table or pedestal fixtures come as a part of a larger line, so note product descriptions, SKUs, and types of wood finishes to create a cohesive theme throughout your exhibit or sales floor. Curators, and merchandisers, should put in as much thought into the displays their products and valuables are displayed in as they do the items themselves. Use these LED museum showcases as a surefire way to wow passersby at your next showing!

Every display available in the category has a locking mechanism which protects valuables while unattended, perfect for curators who wish to set up an exhibit and spend the night catering to their guest without concern for public tampering or theft. Many of these displays also feature bottom loading storage space, great for stashing supplies, restock products, or other valuable pieces of art for quick-changes during exhibits. Some museum showcases include hydraulic lifts when opening the glass case, which makes presenting products inside as simple as turning the key and allowing the panel to lift on its own! When closing the hydraulic cabinet cover, press the top closed and the buffers will catch it so users avoid slamming the glass cover. This technology is top of the line for museum showcases cases, and makes accessing items a breeze.

Quality displays, such as these museum showcases, are ideal for selling merchandise in retail stores as well as highlighting rare and one-of-a-kind artifacts in high-end galleries. The lights inside the cabinet will add a warm and friendly appeal to any products displayed within the cabinet stand. These cases are will help improve sales and the overall décor of any retail outlet. Draw in more customers today with this glass cabinet.

Diversify your floor plan arrangements with an extensive line of complementary fixtures. We have a full line of museum quality tables, pedestals, wall, and countertop cases. Mix, match, and explore these options to create the perfect exhibit for an upcoming event. Museum quality fixtures can be used in any retail environment, at home, or as an economical feature in high-end art galleries. All of our display cases are built with quality materials and designed to maintain their appeal through consistent use in high-traffic areas.

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