TV Cart with Wheels for Audio Visual Devices

TV Carts with VESA Mounting Brackets & Shelving for AV Gear

TV Carts with Wheels for Audio Visual Devices

Looking for a mobile TV cart solution for transporting an LCD television and other media devices? This trolley with plasma mount is sure to meet every portability need! Ideal for a school or office, this TV cart, many with a sliding or drop leaf shelf or other functional features, transports mobile media devices efficiently and with ease. Never worry about carrying heavy items again with these stands! This portable trolley, durable TV cart with wheels is fabricated from metal, wood, laminate, or other materials for long lasting use! Featured in a variety of finishes with multiple features to choose from, customers are sure to find a mobile media stand with television mount to fit any need!

TV Cart for Audio Visual Devices

Each TV cart with wheels has a television mount bracket that holds a flat screen LCD television and is VESA compatible. VESA measurements are a set of standards for the producing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. When selecting a TV cart with television mounting brackets from the Displays2Go catalog, VESA size should be checked to ensure the stand supports the LCD television that is intended for the mobile trolley. VESA compatibility of each stand can be found in the dimensions listing at the bottom of each product page. Most manufacturers of LCD televisions comply with this VESA standard by adhering to an industry wide "hole pattern" on the back of their televisions for mounting purposes. Each TV cart holds a variety of VESA sizes including the most common measurements.

What is a VESA measurement and how can customers be sure their mobile stand is compatible?
  • There are 4 mounting holes on the back of each LCD television or monitor. The distance between these holes, in millimeters, determine the VESA compatibility and which TV cart with mount will support it. Since many manufacturers adhere to this standard, the VESA size can often be found in the guidebook that is included with each television or monitor purchase.
  • If VESA measurement is not listed in the guidebook that comes with purchase, a VESA hole measurement can be determined by taking physical measurements of the hole pattern.
  • Both horizontal and vertical measurements should be taken to determine VESA compatibility. To take these measurements simply measure the distance between mounting holes, both vertically and horizontally. For example, if the television holes are 200mm apart horizontally and 400mm apart vertically, the VESA measurement will be VESA 200 x 400.
  • Each TV cart is compatible with many standard VESA sizes. After determining the VESA measurement of the television or monitor, compare that measurement to the list of compatible measurements on each product page.
TV Cart for Audio Visual Devices

Each mobile media stand with mount is ideal for environments that need to move audio visual devices from one location to the next. This TV cart, called an AV stand, is highly portable. Each portable trolley features rolling caster wheels that glide easily over any floor surface. For stability and as an added safety feature, some wheels lock or brake, ensuring the TV cart will not roll or tilt when in a stationary position. These trolleys are great for schools or offices that use televisions and other devices at the same time for presentations, meetings, projects or a variety of other events. Transport televisions and other media devices efficiently with this stand!

What are some of the advantages of using a mobile TV cart to transport audio visual devices from location to location?
  • Each portable television stand provides a safe, secure, efficient and cost effective way to transport multiple pieces of media equipment at one time. Customers no longer need to make multiple trips, carrying heavy equipment and risking injury. Instead, customers can load one stand up to its weight capacity and efficiently roll the equipment where it needs to be, quickly and safely.
  • By using a TV cart to transport equipment, businesses and schools that need to adhere to a tight budget no longer need to supply each classroom or office with its own television or other device. Each stand makes transporting media devices quickly, so offices and classrooms can share equipment, drastically reducing costs and helping to save money!
  • Each mobile trolley features many unique additions such as a side shelf, power outlets, and other valuable extras that make presentations with this stand effortless!

With one of the largest selections of audio visual stands for audio visual supplies or an LCD television with VESA compatibility, customers are sure to find a flat screen television mount that meets any specific needs. Many mobile units with a VESA compatible television mount offers other exciting features such as side shelves, built in surge protectors with electric cord, camera mounts, dual television mounts, or lamps. Be sure to check each product page for a full list of product specific features to select the ideal portable trolley! Find one of the most diverse selections of trolleys with an LCD television mount that is compatible with industry standard measurements from this online retailer!

Displays2Go sells many mobile media units for LCD televisions with VESA compatibility, other POP displays and exhibit displays in the online catalog! Customers can place an order by using the secure online ordering system, which can be visited 24 hours a day. Displays2Go also accepts orders via telephone by calling 1-800-572-2194. Most in stock orders ship fast when ordered by 3PM EST (M-F)!

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