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Shelf Talker Clips - Grippers, Magnets, & Sign Holders

Shelf Talker Clips - Sign Holders for Shelving

These shelf talker clips are ideal for a food service location. The pricing labels are a smart purchase for a variety of retail environments. All PVC plastic sign grips are constructed for use in supermarkets, deli departments, bakeries, and sandwich shops. These POS units feature a tooth-like gripper to insert custom signage. Why are shelf talker clips, known as sign grips, ideal for retail use? Merchants have the ability to swap out labels frequently. These shelf talker clips are great for businesses that change signage often in retail spaces.

How are these retail grips utilized by different businesses?
  • Supermarkets use these merchandising materials and shelf talker clips to identify grocery items on shelves, racks, and baskets.
  • Bakeries purchase these label holders in bulk to show price, description, and identification.
  • Delis, fish markets, and butcher shops use these plastic tickets in the case to identify merchandise.
  • Retail environments can clasp these sign grips to shelving and racks within the store.
  • Guaranteed low price when purchased in bulk!

Sign grippers are customized signage materials. Sometimes called aisle violators, these POP labels can be interchanged with several different printed cards. POS holders highlight custom messages and descriptions for customers. These particular plastic shelf talker clips have a clear design to blend in with any shelving rack or basket. The PVC plastic is both durable and long-lasting. These sign holders highlight a retail store’s message or label, assisting customers while shopping!

How are sign grippers used?
  • PVC pieces can be clipped to the edge of a basket or shelf along with pre-printed card signage.
  • Messages can be changed out quickly due to the tooth-like grip features that hold a small card securely.
  • Great merchandising purchase for grocery stores and other food service locations.
  • Choose from a variety of styles including adhesive, gripper, hanging, or magnetic.

These POS sign grippers hold price tags that can be placed in an organized fashion across a shelving unit. The sign holders are ideal for displaying merchandising items as well as promotional material. Department managers will love how easy these PVC holders are to use and how effortless it is to switch out new signage. All POS retail grips are offered at a great value to all who use them! These clear sign grippers are sold at an affordable price with case pack quantities available. Store management in a variety of industries can position the hanging label clasps throughout the location. Use these sign grippers in different sections of a retail establishment to assist in marketing, selling, and improving POS stations. With the bulk of these merchandising grips placed throughout the supermarket, each POS advertising display will look even more attractive and professional!

Merchandising signage and informational labels make a huge impact in retail advertising in many different ways. Whether merchants want to promote a specific store item or a special promotional event, these POP sign holders are great investments for small and large retail establishments. These shelf talker clips are a small price for a large value! The retail grips have a basic design constructed out of clear molded PVC plastic material. Several styles are offered above. Managers can purchase designs from magnetic, hanging, and adhesive.

As mentioned, there are several different designs and styles of clamps offered. Magnetic grips attach to a steel shelving unit, both heavy-duty and light-weight; these holders can be purchased in bulk for use in any grocery store location with aisles of shelving. Sign grippers with adhesive backing can be placed on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, and much more. There are several variations of shelf talker clips that clamp directly into the shelving unit itself. These grippers are also ideal for grocery stores and supermarkets. Lastly, this category offers retail grips with hooks that can hang from baskets or wire racks. All plastic clasps feature a tooth-like design which grips a label to display information to customers and patrons. Each signage channel features a clip-like design to hold food labels. No matter which style you purchase, these POS sign grippers can be used over and over again to enhance your retail location!

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