Mannequin Heads - Realistic and Abstract Forms

Salons, Boutiques and Beauty Schools Utilize Mannequin Busts for Showcasing & Training

Looking for new and effective ways to model wigs, jewelry or makeup? Mannequin heads and busts are the ideal solution for showcasing specific items on store counters and display tables. Faceless abstract mannequins are available along with full face bald mannequins. While many mannequin heads feature hair, these bald mannequins allow the owners to display these heads with various wigs and hats. Beauty schools and salons often use these displays to train employees and students on how to style hair or apply makeup. The busts can also be used to showcase jewelry pieces. Show customers how an expensive necklace will look while being worn with a female mannequin.

Two different styles are offered in this category depending on the needs of the retailer or merchandiser. Abstract, faceless heads & busts are ideal for jewelry items or accessories like hats. The neutral colors, like pewter, don't distract purchasers from the items on display. The simple design helps effectively display items without being the main focus of the consumer. Choose from different colors to match different decors or collections. While many stores use hat racks and gridwall set ups, you may be selling a unique hat that should be displayed solo. Derby hats, bowlers and fedoras are all awesome and deserve to be displayed in a unique, stand out way. Countertop mannequin heads are a great way to display hats with other items that they might be paired with, like scarves.

The heads with realistic features are often used at wig shops or with human hair to practice cutting and styling. The human appearance gives people a better idea of what a hair cut may look like or how that new hat could look on them. Customers may have an easier time picturing themselves wearing a certain item if they see it on a mannequin with a human face. The bald head allows merchandisers to pick and choose different wigs to match certain items. Adjustability is an important feature of any store display and can make a marketer's job much easier.

Merchandisers can also use these displays in creative ways to get the attention of new customers. Create a tabletop setup of different colored abstract heads to display a full hat collection or new types of jewelry. Unique arrangements are sure to catch anyone's eyes and help increase sales. Pair heads and busts with leg and arm pieces to showcase full outfits or alternate options available for purchase. The unassembled mannequin look can show all the pieces of an outfit, yet they are spread apart to showcase each item individually. Guide customers towards purchasing several items while giving them the impression they came to the purchase independently.

No matter what the need, Displays2Go has a full offering of mannequin displays to help push any clothing lines. Adjust setups seasonally to match any new outifts for sale. As a retailer it's important to stay ahead of the curve and make sure customers are aware of all the hottest trends. What better way to show off clothes than with some mannequins!

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