Post & Rope Replacement Cords

Replacement Ropes for Stanchion Posts - Different Colors Available

Post & rope crowd control is popularly used in a lot of different environments. Many upscale restaurants, movie theaters, special event venues love to use these displays to provide a classier look than standard retractable belt. Post & rope displays give more of a "red carpet" feel to any setting.

If you own rope stanchions you know that having extras are a must. Depending on the event you might want a classy twisted look in blue, black, or red. The tradition velvet ropes are round and smooth. All of our stanchion ropes have polished metal clips hooks and ends to match your stanchion color. Available rope ends are chome silver or brass gold. Make sure you have replacement belts readily available. Our selection allows you too choose colors and style to match your red carpet event and stanchions.

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