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Art Display Panels with Wire Grid Mesh Design in Various Configurations

Art Display Panels — Artwork Hanging Systems in Wire Grid Mesh for Craft Fairs

U-shaped art display panel system in mesh wire

What's the best way to hang art at craft fairs and outdoor trade shows? Our art display panels feature a folding design that makes them easy to take on the road to gallery exhibits and fairs. Portable wire grid mesh panels set up quickly and efficiently. When the event is over, they fold down in minutes for transport and storage. We offer an array of base styles and configurations, from art display panels with four segments to more expansive U- and Y-shaped gridwall fixtures with nine sections. A variety of tiered designs ensures that artists and crafters have the right amount of space to exhibit handcrafted wares using these art display panels. These hanging systems in wire mesh are attractive and low-profile, putting all of the spotlight onto the featured items.

Specialty painting and picture hanging hooks as well as other gridwall accessories ensure a secure mount for a variety of frame and canvas styles. At craft fairs, artists can choose to hang baskets, rails, shelves, and custom frames for artwork. Salespeople on a trade show floor may use these grids for promotional signage and brochure dispensers. Dispense free merchandise and giveaway catalogs to keep customers connected to your business! Accessorizing is a great way to use up as much space as possible using just one rack without cluttering your booth space. Artisans aren't just limited to paintings. People who knit, craft, crochet, and sew can hang their home-made hats, scarves and other clothing using waterfall hooks on these lightweight merchandising racks.

Artwork Grid Showcase with Feet Who commonly uses mesh grid walls?
  • Art display panels are a favorite showcase tool of gallery owners and museum curators who use hooks to hang oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and shelves for small sculptures and other artistic objects.
  • Trade show vendors find that these portable hanging systems are easy to bring on the road. They like the design of the paneling because they can attach plastic brochure dispensers and acrylic sign holders to them.
  • Retailers enjoy the aesthetic of these gridwall fixtures that can be expanded upon seasonally. They use them for hanging coats, hats, sweater, and other apparel and accessories in their retail shops.

Our metal walls are super lightweight and fold easy to break down into individual panels. That means they are a breeze to take on the road. Storage is easy — just stack a bunch of these against a wall one on top of the other without sacrificing valuable storage space for supplies, overstock, and the like. Event planners and gallery owners keep these exhibit systems on hand for when their bigger retail shows and seasonal expos come around. Due to the easy portability and lightweight styles, these hanging systems are perfect for traveling artisans and artists who frequently find themselves road-bound.

Silver Mesh Wire Craft Fair Rack

Grid style exhibit panels offer a few distinct advantage over the hook & loop-receptive or regular board-style racks. The mesh grid is lighter in weight, so transport is a lot easier. Despite the lightweight fabrication, the metal design is far more durable than stick-on units made of plastic and other less rigid materials. After frequent use over the year, some boards tend to scratch and ding, and touch fasteners lose their grip. Our mesh panels are then a superior alternative — call it a solution! Your wire paneling will stay fresh looking year after year.

Best of all? Our craft fair panels are customizable so no matter what your exhibit materials, there is a shape and size fixture to display them. Purchase paneling and footing individually to add onto current configurations when your exhibition will be expanded. The beauty of our 9-panel and larger metal rack systems is not only how much they emphasize the retail or showcase merchandise being displayed, but how versatile they are for just about any display need whether in a gallery or retail space.

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