Lighted Display Cases

Lighted Display Cases w/ LED & Halogen Spotlights

A lighted display case has the power to draw attention to your merchandise like none other! Imagine - a man walks into a jewelry store looking for a gift for his significant other and as he browses, suddenly there it is - the perfect gift! And it’s shrouded in a halo of soft light emanating from the counter of the display case it’s held in. Believe it or not, this type of light-up showcase has true selling power! But retail environments aren’t the only place where lighted display cases can truly shine. You’ll often see such glass cabinets in museums, schools, and galleries used to accent certain artifacts, trophies, or art pieces. Lighted showcases come in cabinets, countertop cases, towers, counters, and many more styles!

With display cases to accommodate nearly any use, you’re sure to find the right showcase for you in this selection. For example, cases come with available features that include locking doors, storage-ready bases, and adjustable shelves. However, adjustable track lighting in one of the most popular features in this product line for good reason! Instead of letting spotlight positioning dictate where you place your collectibles or jewelry within the case, you can use the track lighting system to alter the spotlights to fit your own unique setup! Plus, many cases also include easy to access on/off switches! If you’re unsure which product will best fit your needs, just reach out to our customer case department - by phone, email, or live chat - and they will be happy to offer personalized suggestions!

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