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Ice Cream Cone Holders with Clear Acrylic Construction

Ice Cream Holders for Waffle, Sugar, and Kiddie Cones

Ice cream cone holders

Want to feature frozen treats in a shop, restaurant, or cafeteria? Our ice cream cone holders are perfect for displaying desserts on counters. There's no better way to let customers know that you have cold confectioneries like frozen yogurt at the ready. The ice cream cone holders have a number of slots for featuring different flavors and toppings. These counter stands showcase menu options in a way that simple text and pictures can't. Use these ice cream cone holders to create enticing food displays.

Why use these frozen treat displays?
  • Visibility - These ice cream cone holders are made of clear acrylic that makes desserts pop. Restaurants and candy shops often feature their confectioneries where everyone can see them, enticing customers to buy. Use these see-through counter stands to put frozen treats where everyone can see them. Increase sales with other tabletop acrylic showcases for food items, makeup, and even vape pens.
  • Easy to Clean - Our countertop waffle cone holders' clear acrylic fabrication is ideal for the desserts they hold. This see-through plastic is easy to wipe down after vanilla and chocolate drips have fallen on the display.
  • Safe - Clear acrylic sugar cone holders with sneeze guards showcase frozen treats while protecting them from germs. This safely features cold desserts that are ready for purchase and ensures customers they won't get sick. Use countertop displays with sneeze guards to advertise summer snacks without fear of contamination.

Our confectionery holders are excellent for advertising cold food items on restaurant and shop counters. Each unit has 2" diameter slots that can hold a number of cone sizes as well as topping trays. The displays make it easy for customers to see available flavors and immediately make a purchase. After a long day of dripping treats, the holders are cleaned with a simple wipe down.

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