Merchandising Shelves with Digital Signage Combine Physical Products & Video Advertising

Retail Shelving with Video Players Offers Modern Advertising and Targeted Product Placement

There was a time when in-store display shelving with video was priced out of reach for all but the biggest technology and placement budgets. Our new line of merchandising shelves with digital signage for retail locations changes that! These budget-friendly retail displays with integrated media players are the easiest way to keep your store on the modern edge. Physical stores can thrive in this new age of technology but can only do so by embracing the ever-changing multimedia landscape. This new line of retail merchandising shelves with digital signage is the latest offering from Displays2go in our expanding line of digitally enhanced in-store marketing fixtures.

How can I use this retail technology in my store?
  • Merchandising shelves with digital signage can vibrantly showcase new collections, hot products, or sponsored retail items. The freestanding 3-shelf design and HD video screen instantly create a high-visibility advertising feature that integrates easily into planogram and marketing plans.
  • Video retail shelves can save you money. This may sound like an auto insurance “save hundreds and switch” plea, but it's sheer business truth. Do you change out marketing campaigns monthly or quarterly? By updating a digital display you can cut back on printed posters thus cutting back on repeat costs.
  • Video retail shelves with digital signage can make you money! These high visibility merchandisers offer premium product placement which you can charge vendors to use. Set up your own pricing structure based on how many weeks the digital advertising is playing and placement of the retail shelving.
  • Do you own multiple retail locations? Easily ensure consistent branding from location to location. These video players accept USB drives or SD cards which helps make it cost effective to outfit each of your locations with a pre-loaded memory card.

Let’s talk tech. What can you expect from these multimedia retail display shelves? Each one of our video-enables merchandisers comes with a LCD screen which is more than twice the size of a standard tablet, thus allowing for viewing from greater distances. This visibility makes them ideal for high traffic public spaces like the sales floor. We also offer a customizable frame around the screen for that extra touch of personalization for your store or brand. Here are all the features of our retail video shelves with digital signage:

  • Screen Specs:
    • 1080p HD Resolution
    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    • HDMI input
  • Supported Memory Cards:
    • SD
    • SDHC
    • USB
    • MMC
    • MS
  • Supported Audio Files:
    • MP3
  • Supported Video Files:
    • MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4
    • MPG, MJPEG
    • RMVB
    • AVI
    • DivX
    • MP4
    • MKV
    • RM
    • MOV
    • DAT
    • VOB
    • H264

Taking your retail space to the into the digital realm can be, well, intimidating. This isn’t just picking a TV for your house or tablet for your kids, this is an investment in the future of your company. Our marketing specialists have written some very helpful industry articles and how-to guides to help along in your store’s digital transformation. Our most recent article on retail technology, "What Can Digital Advertising Fixtures Do For You?," is a four step guide to asking the right multimedia questions for stores and sales environments.

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