Specialty Literature Holders for Trendy New Sizes

Brochure & Postcard Holders for Specialty Literature Hand-Outs

Are you having trouble finding a countertop or wall fixture to support take-away leaflets and periodicals with an inventive non-traditional size? Our specialty literature holders organize brochures, postcards, and newspapers with trending new dimensions for convenient presentations. These wood or acrylic pamphlet displays suit various custom print sizes that are becoming more and more popular. Specialty literature holders feature single and multi-pocket designs for tri-fold pamphlets and flyers. Use these options to educate customers and increase brand awareness. Browse this selection of contemporary promotional newspaper and brochure racks for printed material of all sizes. Some specialty literature holders for desktops include custom printing options, perfect to draw customer attention to your branded articles and offers.

What types of promotional tabletop booklet racks do we offer? Unique Literature Holder
  • Specialty literature holders, such as single-pocket postcard pockets support 6"w, 7"w, 8.5"w, and 9"w notes. Place these fixtures at checkout countertops to encourage traveling customers to write-home and share their experience. Some tourist even collect postcards to save the memory of their adventures. Many trendy companies have adopted postcards as a large-format business card, able to fit more information in one place.
    • Fun fact: Deltiology is the official term for collecting and studying postcards!
  • We carry single, double, and multi-pocket literature holders that feature countertop or wall-mounted placements. Use these diverse fixtures to display myriad publication options for your customers. Many restaurants, shopping centers, and doctor’s offices use this space to promote local realtors and town event information as well. Designed for odd-sized between 5.5"w and 13.5"w brochures, each black or clear acrylic rack are great for creative focused stacks of promotional content..
  • Custom printed literature holders increase brand visibility and allow businesses to showcase specific lines, messaging, or sales with style. Present your company's full-color logo on any of these clear acrylic racks in retail shops, at trade shows, schools, or pop-up shops. Take-away literature holders provide customers with additional information to bring home supplemented by high-detail branding.
  • Every good bodega, diner, or corner store needs a centralized place to share local or national news. Our single and double-pocket wooden newspaper stands fit these uniquely shaped publications with ease. Featuring a classic wood-finished style with a clear acrylic front insert, customers can view top headlines at a glance while tabloids remain organized.

When it comes to finding promotional printed material for your business, we understand you take pride in finding just the right hand-out to represent your brand. Displays2go is right there with you, and put together this collection of non-standard take-away displays that are trending in modern business environments. With more and more companies printing pamphlets, leaflets, and magazines in custom sizes, many consumers are finding it difficult to find holders to organize their promotional material. Well, Displays2go has you and your needs covered! Browse any of our promotional take-away racks to find the perfect fixture to meet your expectations. No matter the material, placement, or use case, let Displays2go help your business stand out from the competition!

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