Personalized Electronic Gifts for Branded Promotional Give-Aways and Rewards

Custom Branded Gadgets & Personalized Electronic Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for a way to increase brand awareness by offering your employees, customers, or guests a convenient piece of technology they are sure to use in their day-to-day lives? Our personalized electronic gifts consist of a line of products specifically chosen to improve the user's quality of life. Here's a situation; a potential customer who visited your trade show booth 8 months ago and won a branded power bank for their cell phone has used it every day since, and truly relies on the extended battery life it offers. After days, months, or years of use, that personalized electronic gift is something that has made your company be remembered in a positive light - thus increasing the chance that same customer will reach out and contact you when they need service in your industry. Consumers tend to lean towards brands that they see often, so there is no better way to increase exposure than to offer promotional technology such as headphones, speakers, chargers, and lamps that are sure to be utilized by your customer far more than a simple flyer or giveaway pen. These custom personalized electronic gifts are a great way to reward employees for their hard work and dedication as well and may be given alongside a service award, at a holiday party, or coupled with a promotion.

What kinds of logo-printed technology do we offer?
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers and headphones are incredibly popular and allow users to listen to their favorite music on the go. Each audio device provides a crisp, quality sound comparable with name-brand products but with the added benefit of brandishing your company logo! Portable bluetooth speakers can connect to your device from up to 10 meters away, making it great for bringing along any day trip, or to use while cleaning the house to bring music from room to room, or even for use at your next event.
  • Power banks and charging adapters are a simple, yet effective way to help users keep their devices fully charged and ready to go so that they can remain on task. Perfect for professionals that use their phones in the same vein as a laptop while working, these personalized electronic gifts will keep their device topped off so they can focus on their work. When they do have the time to sit by an outlet, your logo will proudly remind them of your company and passively increase brand recognition and loyalty.
  • LED desk lamps are perfect for the home or office, providing ample illumination in low light settings while doubling as a charging station. Giving someone another place to charge their tablet, phone, or other device and removing the need for them to hunt for an open outlet can be invaluable. A charging LED desk lamp can open up the possibility for users, especially artists, to use additional tools and devices that their computer's ports alone may not be able to handle. Additionally, these lamps include custom printed full-color graphics.

Utilize electronic gifts to provide convenient tools to your recipients while increasing brand awareness. Each of these promotional tech prizes are a great way to reward raffle winners, employee dedication, and at trade show events or company outings. We chose a line of promo items that resonate with the user and increase their quality of life, building brand loyalty and helping them see your company in a greater light. Take advantage of custom printing options to truly accelerate your brand's exposure by working closely with our design team!

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