Wall Mount Easels with Multiple Colors and Adjustable Design

Modern Wall Easels In Neutral Colors Perfect for Galleries, Stores, and Showrooms

Looking to quickly hang printed graphics in your showroom? Wall mount easels are a compact adjustable display solution for your artwork, menus or photographs. Their neutral black or silver matte color will blend seamlessly into your decor and give your printed graphics space to stand out. Our metal wall mount easels are available in small and large sizes to fit into vast or cramped spaces. Set up artwork easily in your showroom with the included mounting hardware. These modern wall mount easels offer an adjustable design that allows you to create different view angles for your display.

How can you incorporate wall mounted easels into your decor?
  • Lobby Display: Whether you're setting up a lobby space or your waiting area at your medical office, wall mounted easels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for mounting calming artwork to add warmth to your space.
  • Restaurant Menus or Product Features: Feature your most raved-about products or menu items on branded printed media that can be placed along your cafe’s walls using your easels.
  • Retail Store: Compact neutral easels allow you to provide product details stylishly alongside your merchandising displays while your customers shop.

The sleek matte minimalist design is sure to elevate your space’s decor while providing a functional tool for hanging your eye-catching graphics. These wall mount easels are a cost-friendly quick setup display tool for making use of your wall space. For larger displays and media, incorporate floor standing artist easels as a part of your display area in your museum, gallery, or art show.

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