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Floor Light Box Stands Create An Illuminated Poster Display

Floor Standing Illuminated Poster Displays

These illuminated poster displays are offered in multiple sizes, styles and designs, creating a wide selection of eye-catching fixtures! Each lightbox can be used as a captivating advertising tool that can generate interest in a product, service, or business when placed in sight of passersby. With such a large size and unique light-up presentation, these types of signage rarely go unnoticed. Our light box stands and floor-standing units make an excellent information banner or wayfinding sign in a mall or exhibit hall. You can also use them to create extra advertising displays within a retail store or trade show booth. Each illuminated poster display can also be used as a directory, area map, or guide to denote where stores are located within a shopping plaza.

    Why should you consider investing in illuminated poster displays and stands?
  • High Visibility - Our selection of illuminated displays provide an eye-catching solution to a traditional poster frame, drawing more attention from potential customers
  • Floor Standing - The floor standing functionality of these holders and frames ensures that your messaging is placed directly in front of foot traffic and won’t be missed
  • Long Lasting Options - The energy-efficient LED illuminated variants last up to 5x longer than traditional fluorescent lighting and can save you money on electrical costs as well.

This light box stand is available with multiple forms of illumination technology. Many of these displays use energy-efficient LED bulbs. These edge-lit fixtures are both long-lasting and lightweight, making them ideal for use in retail stores or other indoor environments requiring recurrent signage changes. A light box stand that uses T8 fluorescent bulbs is also available for purchase, even though we recommend going with the LED alternative. With these panels, we recommend using a translucent banner, such as those printed on duratrans materials, to create brighter displays. Regardless of your option, both forms of illumination are satisfactory tools to help create striking presentations. Contemporary sign holders, like this illuminated poster displays put a modern and unique twist on the way you advertise. Buy these free-standing banner frames for your lobby or showroom!

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