LED Lighted Movie Poster Frames with Edge Lit Technology

LED Lighted Movie Poster Frames with Edge Light Technology

lighted movie poster frames advertise up-coming releasesThese lighted movie poster frames use advanced lighting technology to offer bright visuals, even illumination in the thinnest profile possible. They are great for promoting upcoming releases in theaters, malls, entertainment venues, and more. They are also offered in very large sizes, making them suitable for use in airports, train stations, and casinos as semi-permanent fixtures. These frames were designed with convenience in mind, making them suitable for a variety of locations and uses. Easy-to-use snap open aluminum frames provide you with an easy and durable way to promote your posters. Illuminated diodes accentuate your message and add a classy touch to any environment.

    Is this lighted movie poster frame rated for outdoor use?
  • Although this lightbox sign is made with aluminum it is not exterior rated.
  • This lighted frame contains no gasket material to prevent water from damaging the enclosed contents.
  • For the complete line of outdoor rated products visit the outdoor category on th main page.

Our lighted movie poster frames have a number of benefits over traditional fluorescent fixtures. They consume less energy, last five times longer, and have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours before experiencing any light degradation. Since there are no bulbs and light emitting diodes are the primary light source, these frames last for the life of the displays. They are also maintenance-free, as they do not have bulbs that need to be changed. In contrast, fluorescent boxes only last for about two years before needing bulb replacement. Simple-to-use snap frames make changing signage a breeze for theater and casino maintenance staff, making these lighted poster frames an ideal promotional tool for malls, entertainment venues, theaters, and more.

lighted movie poster frames promote new releases.

Although these lighted movie poster frames are more expensive than traditional theater displays, they offer many benefits that help outweigh the initial cost. They are thinner and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, which can save money on future electric bills. They are also user-friendly, featuring a "flip-open" or "snap-open" aluminum frame for easy signage changes and routed corners to prevent scratches. You can choose to mount these frames vertically or horizontally and they come in two brushed aluminum finishes: black and silver. They are also available in various sizes to meet different needs. All components of these theater displays are UL listed.

    Why are these lighted movie poster frames more expensive than comparable fluorescent units?
  • The basic technology used is more costly to produce. Light emitting diodes are this frame's light source which is more expensive than standard fluorescent lighting.
  • LED illuminated signage tends to be thinner more lightweight than other similar units.
  • The frame has no bulbs that need to be changed out, thereby making the operating costs much less than those that use bulbs.
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