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Convertible Table Throws in Multiple Color Choices

Polyester Table Covers that Adjust to Fit Different Booths

Want to make sure you always have the right size promotional linen for an event? These convertible table throws can adjust to fit booths while keeping their professional appearance. Don't be surprised by the dimensions of a countertop that's supplied for you at your next trade show, convention, or exhibition. Convertible table throws, or adjustable tablecloths, solve this problem changing from 8' to 6' wide or from 6' to 4' wide. This style of fitted table cover is like having two for the price of one! Each unit features sewn-on hook and loop attachments for quickly changing between sizes. The convertible table throws' side panels are folded in and easily fastened into place. This makes the fitted covers look great no matter the dimensions of the booth they're displayed on.

What makes these adjustable tablecloths excellent for trade show use?
  • These convertible table throws swap between two sizes as needed. This is especially handy when last minute changes disrupt your plans. Imagine finding out that your exhibition space is smaller than you thought, so you have to bring a smaller display surface. For trade show regulars, having the option of a smaller or larger platform to fit the situation, without having to have a duplicate cover, is incredibly convenient.
  • Feature your company logo prominently for all to see with custom printing! Offered in a number of styles and color options, these fitted table covers can feature any graphic needed to represent your business. Have a white logo on a blue background? Order a blue cover with single color printing to save money. Have a more complex logo? Try our linens with 3-color imprinting to create vivid artwork to represent yourself. Another option is our 1-color printing with metallic lettering for truly noticeable branding. Yet another promotional solution is our line of coverings with 24-hour text printing. This will get linens with custom lettering into your hands as fast as possible.
  • Our table throws are made of durable polyester that's ideal for travel and event use. This material is machine washable for convenient cleaning no matter where or when it's required. They also naturally prevent wrinkles from forming to make your brand look authentic and inviting. The polyester cloths are also fire retardant, increasing safety during storage and travel.
  • Fitted table covers are excellent for covering up unattractive display booths for a more polished appearance. This is also used for hiding supplies out of sight. Featuring product samples and giveaways? Store extras underneath to maximize your capacity. Giving away promotional literature like catalogs and pamphlets? Keep spare stacks under the linen where they can't be seen.

This selection of throws includes models in a number of colors. No matter the type of adjustable tablecloth, they're offered in four bold colors: blue, red, black and white. If you're getting a customized fitted table cover, this is a great opportunity to choose a shade that will go with your company's branding.

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