Acrylic Holders for Slatwall Provide Flexible Display Options

Closeup of soap bottles stacked inside an acrylic slatwall bin

Acrylic Holders and Accessories Designed for Grooved Slatwall Store Fixtures

Shelves are the most common tool for displaying merchandise. When used on universal slatwall fixtures, they provide easy stacking space for most types of items. What if your merchandise doesn't display itself well on standard product shelving? Acrylic holders for slatwall offer an alternative! These plexiglass accessories hold hard-to-stock items like bulk merchandise within easy reach of customers. Movable and customizable, acrylic holders for slatwall simply hook into the standard grooves on most universal slat wall designs. Displays2go stocks a wide selection of bins, pockets, and frames to fit any retail application.

What makes these plastic accessories different from traditional store shelving?
  • For the most part, shelves are static displays. Once they are up they tend to remain in place. Acrylic holders for slatwall are treated more like an add-on, or accessory. This gives you the freedom to place them as you see fit. Their flexibility also makes it easy to mix up the overall display for new product rollouts, seasonal sales promotions, and more.
  • Since these acrylic accessories are designed to hold items, the main design characteristic is their short walls. The bins offer an easy way to store bulk smalls like loose candy and souvenirs. We offer single baskets or multiple-compartment models that can keep items separated.
  • Accessories designed to hold literature come in a number of sizes. Display standard folded pamphlets in 4" wide brochure holders. Large pockets can accommodate full-size catalogs or periodicals. There are also smaller models designed to hold business cards. Some of the larger pockets feature removable dividers for customization based on the size of your literature.
  • Sign holders range from standard 8.5" x 11" on up to large 22" x 28" poster formats. The simple fold-over design creates a slim pocket for inserting your prints. This also makes it very easy to swap out the graphics when it's time to refresh the marketing campaign.
  • Add-on fixtures designed to display a specific product, such as sunglasses or personal electronic devices, are also available.

Our collection of plexiglass bins and pockets provides convenience for the typical store owner. Since slatwall panels and gondolas are used by just about every retailer, these plastic accessories are the go-to display tools for merchandise. If your establishment sells lots of items not neatly packaged in boxes, consider these universal additions to your current slat wall configuration!

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