Truck/Freight Delivery Methods

Truck/Freight Shipments

Some of our products are too large to ship by standard methods and must be shipped by freight. Freight shipments are also offered for certain combinations of products, larger quantities of products and for larger items that we have experienced significant damage when shipped by standard methods.

Freight shipments generally ship on a pallet and are delivered by tractor trailer and/or box truck depending on the delivery method selected. We offer options for locations that do not have a loading dock.

Truck - General Information and Customer's Responsibilities

Truck must be met at the delivery location

It is the customer's responsibility to meet the truck at the delivery location. Failure to meet the truck will result in additional charges for re-delivery, storage or return shipment. Any charges we receive from a missed or failed delivery will be passed on to the customer at cost.


Any damage that occurs after the shipment is delivered is the responsibility of the customer. Please be certain to look and listen for any possible damages prior to signing for the merchandise. If any damage is suspected, please note the details on the carrier's Proof of Delivery (POD) or Delivery Receipt before the truck driver leaves. If possible take pictures of any damage to the crate or packaging materials.

After uncrating/unpacking, if the product is damaged, save all packaging materials and Contact Us within 5 business days.

Doors and Pathways

Items that ship by truck/freight are generally large items. Please ensure that all doors and pathways are large enough for the product(s) ordered. Generally a width of at least 36” is required. Corners and stairwells may require larger widths for maneuvering

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges if the items ordered do not fit through doors or pathways. This includes initial and/or re-delivery charges, storage fees or return shipping

Delivery Options

This is a standard truck or freight delivery. A raised loading dock is required at the delivery location. A pallet jack or forklift should be available for unloading of the truck. This delivery option is generally the lowest cost and provides the quickest delivery.

Transit Time Estimated 3-7 Business Days
Delivery Location Loading Dock
Uncrate/Unpack Customer's Responsibility
Debris Removal Customer's Responsibility

This delivery includes a truck equipped with a lift gate for lowering the pallet/crate to ground level. This is a one person delivery. This is suitable only when you have the manpower to bring the merchandise indoors yourself.

This delivery method may Not be available for all items.

Transit Time: Estimated 3-7 Business Days
Delivery Location: Ground Level; Outside of Building
Uncrate/Unpack: Customer's Responsibility
Debris Removal: Customer's Responsibility

This is a one person delivery. Truck will be equipped with a liftgate to lower the merchandise to the ground. Driver may require assistance with bringing in the order. Placement will be 2 steps inside nearest ground-level door (no stairs). No uncrating is included.

This delivery method may Not be available for all items.

Transit Time: Estimated 3-7 Business Days
Delivery Location: Two (2) steps inside nearest door. First Floor Only, No Stairs
Uncrate/Unpack: Customer's Responsibility
Debris Removal: Customer's Responsibility

This delivery is recommended for anyone who does not want to deal with moving and uncrating/unpacking their order. The merchandise will be lowered to the ground, moved inside and uncrated/unpacked by the drivers. All crating and packaging materials will be removed. This does not include mounting or setup of the product(s) and is limited to 30 minutes of on-site time. A maximum of 75 feet and 2 flights of stairs are included in the shipping cost. Any longer distance or additional stairs will cost extra depending on the distance. A longer transit time is required for scheduling of this service.

This delivery method may Not be available for all items.

Transit Time: Estimated 3-12 Business Days
Delivery Location: Inside Building. Maximum Two (2) flights of stairs. Maximum 75ft carry/moving distance
Uncrate/Unpack: Shipping Company
Debris Removal: Shipping Company

What qualifies as a loading dock?

A loading dock is necessary for items/orders too large for a package service. These shipments are normally palletized and ship via freight truck. Most freight shipping companies utilize trucks without a lift gate. These trucks need to back up to an elevated loading dock.

A loading dock is not the same as a receiving/loading area. An elevated commercial loading dock allows a shipping truck to back up and roll the pallet(s) with just a pallet jack.

For most Display Cases deliveries to locations without elevated loading docks, we can offer “white glove” delivery. This is a special two man delivery and must be quoted by your Customer Service Representative once we understand your needs.

Delivery Dock

What qualifies as a commercial location? Is my home business considered a commercial location?

Only non residential business locations qualify as commercial locations. For example, your home, church, or school are probably considered residential deliveries.

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