Magazine Frames

Be sure to measure your magazine carefully! Use each products’ Viewable Area specification to determine how much of your magazine will show within the frame.

Magazine Frame Sizes:

Looking for a magazine frame to display your special, antique, or collector’s item periodicals and covers? These photo holders feature attractive borders in many materials, colors, and styles. These magazine frames also come in all the sizes you might need to display your journals, pamphlets, and newspapers. From vintage Saturday Evening Posts to collectible Sports Illustrator covers to Rolling Stone issues with your favorite celebrities gracing the cover, you’ll find the product you need to display your keepsake.

At Displays2go we specialize in all things acrylic. Consider using one of our modern acrylic frames for displaying a magazine. These holders are known for their durable constructions and entirely clear designs. Some models some with hardware that allows users to mount the display on the wall. Other acrylic magazine frames feature angled backs for sitting on countertops. If your LIFE magazine cover measures 10.5” x 14”, it could look quite contemporary to display it in a 11” x 17” frame with extra space on the sides. No matter what style of holder you choose, your collectible covers are sure to look amazing when displayed with a Displays2go frame!

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