Multi-Level Display Tables

Multi-Level Display Tables for Retail Stores

Visual merchandising is pivotal in getting customers from the sales floor to your register. For stores looking to really “sell” a product or collection, multi-level display tables are a go to. Characterized by their unique shelving, these fixtures allow for more flexibility in how and what you showcase as well as make it easier for customers to browse your merchandise.

Multi-tier display tables are the workhorse of many retail stores. Their unique shape and shelving naturally draws attention, which is why they’re often used for product collection or themed merchandising. Use them to showcase an exclusive line of clothing, a cluster of seasonal or holiday-themed products, and more. Multi-shelf display tables function best when centrally placed on the sales floor and away from wall.

They also pack a lot of display potential without sacrificing valuable floor space. Varied height shelving, like waterfall and nested shelves, results in a clean and clutter-free appearance. The easier it is for customers to browse, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Tiered display tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They can range in size from 60” wide waterfall gondolas to narrow trade show floor stands. Standard shapes like round, rectangular, and square are available as well as more unique configurations. While most have fixed shelving, others come with a swiveling feature for customized merchandising.

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