Discounted Store Merchandising Displays Offer Even More Savings

Discounted Store Merchandising Displays and Fixtures on Sale Now

In order to sell your products, you need to stimulate and entice the shopper. Our discounted store merchandising displays can help with this goal. Without these marketing accessories, the excitement and spark that is required for customers to pull the trigger doesn't exist. Displays2go sells upwards of 9000 different POP fixtures across the country. Having to reduce prices on certain products (based on many criteria) is the reality we suppliers face. The discounted store merchandising displays offered here provide a snapshot of our sale and clearance items on any given day. We get to move inventory (and make room for more) while the retailer saves money on already low prices. It's a win-win situation for us as well as you, the buyer!

"Store fixture" is a broad term, encompassing a wide range of floor and window displays. Any mannequin, rack, or stand that holds merchandise qualifies. The backbone of many retail stores is the slatwall system. These modular displays provide instant customization thanks to their continuous-use channels. In addition, they offer expansive real estate for lots of clothing, apparel accessories, and other hanging merchandise. Gridwall systems work in similar fashion. Floor stands do an excellent job of displaying a large amount of small items in one efficient footprint. Racks such as these come with adjustable shelving or hooks attached to pole spinners. Bulk bins are another convenient visual merchandising fixture. There is no better way to point attention to loose items like stuffed animals, balls, and toys. Since the bins are open, they invite shoppers to come handle and play with the merchandise. Need to move inventory fast? Get those products out, front and center! It all comes back to the main point of enticing customers to make a purchase.

Strategic placement is important in every retail store, as is the attention given to the annual cycle of merchandising. This refers to which products are offered to customers at what time. This is affected by seasonal time periods as well as the major shopping holidays. How you present your items for sale is directly affected by the smart combination of store fixtures such as these. Take advantage of our discounted marketing displays today!

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