Cheap Stanchions - Affordable Queue Line Supplies

Stanchions Offered Under $100

Looking for an affordable crowd control solution? These cheap stanchions efficiently organize and direct foot traffic. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate a number of environments. Use the cheap stanchions to easily create queue lines in retail stores, restaurants and service businesses where customers are served one at a time. Banks, hotels, movie theaters, airports, and more can make use of these simple posts for keeping patrons orderly. These cheap stanchions can also keep onlookers away from expensive exhibits or block off doorways in a creative way. Our variety of poles and accessories have a number of uses to accommodate any business.

We offer cheap stanchions to suit any setting — from a fast food restaurant to an upscale bank lobby. Our most popular style of crowd control poles features a retractable belt made with a durable nylon material. These have a 4-way adapter on top to connect to other fixtures and easily set up service lines. Their neutral, professional design is excellent for directing customers where they need to go to make a purchase or talk to a representative. Feature your company's logo or slogan by using posts with customized belts. This will raise brand awareness and solidify its image. Alternatively, browse our selection of upscale models for fancier options.

Our stanchions with ropes have a classy appearance and often have a polished finish. This style uses a sleek velvet cord to create stylish lines and barriers. Their elegant look is often associated with hotels, high-end restaurants and exclusive nightclubs. However, their affordable price makes them ideal for any business that wants to give their interior an upscale motif. Search our catalog for the fixtures that are right for you.

Safety stanchions are another great choice for directing traffic. These plastic poles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Each unit has a bright finish that will easily catch attention but won't fade in the sun. In addition, their lightweight design makes assembly a breeze to safely accommodate restricted areas and construction zones.

Why order from Our posts are made of durable materials and each one has a weighted or fillable base for maximum stability. These fixtures are designed to form lines as long or short as needed, and in any shape required. Whether they're made of metal or plastic, they'll be able to withstand large crowds and fast moving customers. Order these affordable stands from D2G for quick shipping and wholesale pricing.

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