Clear Acrylic Business Card Holders - Wall & Countertop Options for Commerical Settings

Acrylic Calling Card Displays - Single & Multi-Tier Holders

What’s one of the most underrated assets in any commercial environment? Clear acrylic business card holders are everywhere - from counters at doctor’s offices, to showrooms at car dealerships. It’s hard to go to any type of business without seeing a company calling card. In our large assortment of clear acrylic business card holders, there are many styles. These include multi-tiered, multi-pocket, wall mounted, and tabletop designs. We also feature brochure holders, models with an attached sign holder, and outdoor rated boxes where users can feature their leaflets and cards without worrying about harsh weather. Other mounting styles include hardware for attaching to glass or a window, slatwall, and products with adhesive backers. These holders have secure lids to protect documents from the elements. Looking to promote yourself or your business? Purchase a clear acrylic business card holder with attached signage! Place your own custom graphic and message in the display and attach calling cards for patrons to take. It’s an easy way to self-promote and inform potential customers.

Card boxes that are multi-tiered or have many pockets are ideal in larger commercial settings or offices with a lot of employees. We have the option of customizing our multiple pocketed business card models with graphics you provide us! Printing the company name or logo will add a nice personal touch, while allowing customers to easily access the display. Patrons can then help themselves to their specific doctor’s information or their personal hair stylist’s contact information while viewing the business card display. Wall mounted clear acrylic business card holders or counter-top models are often found in personal offices. These could include real estate agents or school guidance counselor.

Many of our acrylic calling card displays are a part of our Workshop line. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality products. This is why our Workshop series is made completely in-house. Making these displays under our own roof allows us to provide quick shipping and low prices! Shop our large assortment of calling card holders today, exclusively from Displays2go!

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