Courtesy Charging Stations

Courtesy Charging Station for Public Use

Is your cell phone practically an extension of your arm? Do you get phantom-reach-syndrome when you leave your iPhone at home during the day? Does your job or schooling require you to spend long hours on-the-go? Or do you simply play way too much Candy Crush? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not in the minority! Today, mobile devices are very important parts of peoples’ lives and are taken everywhere they go! Want folks to stay longer in your coffee shop? Trying to keep students studying in the library during finals? Encouraging employees to work longer hours as a deadline approaches? Try supplying a courtesy charging station! These free and public mobile device chargers are becomes more and more sought after as we become more and more dependent on our wireless devices. For many of us, a charged phone equates to a happy person - one that can continue going about their daily business instead of worrying about their emails or getting directions home.

Courtesy charging stations are ideal for many public or commercial settings. Airports, bus strains, student unions, offices, and malls are just a few of the places you’ll see these free charging stands used. On top of that, many units can be custom printed with school logos, sponsoring company information, or just your business’ name! Charging models are available in wall mounting, desktop, or floor standing versions. Most of our product selection includes custom charge cables that feature multi-adaptor heads. These special charging heads make the units compatible with most generations of Apple and Android devices! Browse our kiosk selection today!

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