Custom Acrylic Brochure Dispensers for Branded Promotional Material Distribution w/ UV Printed Graphics

Custom UV Printed Flyer and Magazine Dispensers Share Branded Information for Businesses

Retailers and restaurants have no room to leave flyers scattered about, so custom printed acrylic literature holders offer a durable and affordable solution. These dispensers sit on counters or table tops, and can even attach to any wall to display relevant magazines or brochures for customers. With a custom printed acrylic literature holder, businesses can build brand authority and share important information at the same time! Our full color digital imprints are made using a UV-printing process that can recreate any logo! Use these dispensers to easily display promotional material or information about affiliated businesses in your area.

Our custom printed acrylic literature holders offer better organization of printed material compard to loose stacks on a countertop and are more durable than paper or plastic alternatives. Each of our models are made either by cutting and then gluing acrylic pieces together, or by bending one sheet of material until formed. This material is more scratch and warp resistant than plastic and retains a lustrous shine that attracts passersby.

There are a number of options when it comes to acrylic literature holders. We carry two main styles, deep and wide body. Deep dispensers are designed to hold a large amount of the same article, most businesses will use these holders to store magazines, flyers, or any promotional material. Wide holders are designed to present different brochures or pamphlets alongside one another, perhaps sharing complementary information or the details of local attractions. Of course, multi-displays have the purpose of holding a large number of different literature options. Create a stunning presentation with a single or double brochure holder sporting a 7" LCD display to attract attention to vital promotional material and stimulate interest. For a more natural alternative to our acrylic holders, we also offer wooden display options with the same quality UV printing.

By using different styles of literature holders, businesses can share a wide variety of information in varying print formats. Use our cases to share information on local events, parks, affiliated businesses, housing options, or even jobs.

Each featured literature holder is customization with your business' logo! Before ordering, simply email to get a quote and see what one of our dispensers will look like with your design. Be it signage, bags, or holders like these, having your company logo displayed as much as possible builds brand recognition and authority. Show customers that you mean business with these custom designs!

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