Custom Printed Pedestal Display Cases for Gift Shops, Galleries, & Museums

Pedestal Display Cases with Custom Graphics Increase the Presentation Factor

Showcasing retail merchandise or artwork with a singular focus is best utilized with a pedestal display case. How can this marketing tactic be improved upon? Custom printed pedestal display cases featuring full-color graphics are the answer. When applied to the tall base section or to the back of the acrylic dust cover, the overall presentation is elevated considerably. Add corporate logos, marketing jargon, or unique advertising that help communicate what is being showcased. In addition, most of our custom printed pedestal display cases also feature internal lighting for a more dramatic and professional presentation.

What are some real world applications for branded showcase stands?
  • Custom printed pedestal display cases offer excellent merchandising strategies for retail stores and gift shops. Highlight a single object or add groupings of smaller items like jewelry and watches. Promoting your business or the product's brand with custom graphics on the base will draw shoppers to the item displayed.
  • Museums and galleries often exploit the use of floor-standing pedestal display cases. Because these stands fully encase the sculpture or statue, the viewer is free to encircle and peruse the piece in its entirety. Some museums display multiple pedestals within the gallery space to produce striking and compelling layouts. Use the custom graphics to advertise the current show or artist.
  • At the corporate level, businesses like to highlight the products they manufacture in building lobbies and reception areas. While visitors or salespeople wait to be greeted they can browse and observe the company's line of work. Adding the corporate logo to pedestals helps to reinforce their brand while projecting innovation, integrity, and trust.

We offer a wide range of branded showcase stands in predominantly black or white models. One additional style comes with small digital LED screens attached to the back of the dust cover. Armed with digital video, your presentation is further enhanced with dynamic content to draw and engage the viewer!

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