iPad Swivel Stands and Enclosures

iPad Swivel Stand for Retail Space or Office

Simplify your life and get the most out of your tablet with an iPad swivel stand. While iPads are commonly thought of as portable devices to take on the go, they double as powerful, interactive fixtures that many business are using to their advantage. These versatile tabletop mounts turn an ordinary iPad into point-of-sale systems, terminals or a hands-free supplement to your primary computer at the office. Don't worry: you won't have to choose between a portrait or landscape orientation when you have a swivel stand. These stands employ a variety of mechanisms, including height adjustment, rotation and tilting, for a flexible and dynamic piece of equipment. This allows many different people to use the device, and is especially useful for performing back and forth swivels during exchanges. Many even include optional security locks to protect your iPad from theft or damage in a busy commercial environment. Each swivel stand lists the iPad generations and models it supports, along with the angling movements it permits, so no need to be concerned about compatibility. Choose from our huge collection of styles and designs for the one that best complements the design of your storefront, restaurant or office space. From a sleek, glossy black finish, to a stunning clear acrylic enclosure, each stand is constucted with aesthetics in mind, and will feel like an extension of your counterspace. Enjoy browsing these stands, and make sure to shop Displays2go for quality and affordable iPad and tablet accessories!

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