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It would be silly to pretend that the artwork isn't the true focus of any art gallery. The amazing paintings and sculptures are what people are actually there to see. You'll need a wide supply of art gallery supplies like frames and hangers to display this work with pride. We offer a huge variety of picture frames in many sizes, colors, shapes, and profiles. You won't have to search far and wide for the right set of art gallery frames. However, canvases are likely not the only thing you'll need to frame in an exhibition. Essentially, creative studios act as storefronts for art. In any retail environment, it's important that business owners use non-art related signage to direct guests around the property. Customers will need to know were the restrooms are, that you prefer them to not touch the art, and which paintings are or are not for sale. This is where art gallery signs come in. You can even use these essential displays on the wall next to hanging paintings to identify the artist of the work, the name of the work, and provide a description about the piece. The art gallery environment is just as much a sales driven retail outlet as it is a showcase of community artwork. Because of this, you'll need all the right art gallery exhibits to provide your valued customers with the best experience possible.

As with any business, from time to time you may need to employ marketing or advertising efforts to pull customers in the door. An art gallery banner is a great way to do this. We offer custom printed banners so you can adorn the sign with any message you want! Having an exhibit opening cocktail party? Participating in a community art show? Featuring an abstract work by a well-known artist? You can advertise with custom messages on the outside of your storefront with these art gallery display supplies! Even something as simple as a chalkboard sidewalk sign has real potential for pulling customers in off the street. Never underestimate the power of a few simple marketing signs to your business.

While frames and sign holders may be an obvious choice for art gallery fixtures, most of these supplies relate to painted work. But what about other forms of media? Art gallery display stands are needed to hold 3-dimensional works of art like sculpture, status, or pottery. These pedestals really make the work stand out from the crowd and are sure to impress your browsing visitors. We also provide a large selection of grid panels that are specially designed for hanging and displaying artwork, like canvases. These art display panels can be mounted to the wall or set up on the floor depending on the model. Choose the grid that provides the right amount of display space for all your works of art.

Easels are another go-to in the world of art gallery displays. Use these portable fixtures to showcase paintings that you do not wish to hang on the wall. You can place a few telescoping art easels in the middle of the gallery room or use one on the sidewalk outside the building. We offer a wide range of easels in many styles and sizes. Our artist easels are popular because they are made real wood and adjust easily, but we also sell decorative display easels designed only for showcasing works. Try smaller countertop models for mini canvases and other small paintings.

If your gallery is displaying a very rare or expensive piece of art, they you may wish to employ a barrier to keep viewers away. Our line of deluxe stanchion are perfect for protecting fine art. Find posts in high-end finishes like silver or bronze and pair them with velvet ropes or custom belts. These gallery stanchions are a high-class way of saying "Don't Touch the Art."

Certain galleries have galas and events in addition to customers simply walking through. When curators and event planners put on these parties, they usually provide food and refreshments. There is a full selection of long rectangular folding tables as well as cocktail tables and even portable bars. These buffet and drink stations are perfect for entertaining in a gallery setting. Many art event organizers cover the plastic tables with decorative throws and tablecloths to add a little more sophistication. Similarly, art gallery curators are able customize the table covers and even some of the panels on the fronts of the portable bars. Using a customized display is a great way to get more attention on your logo and brand. Shop for a variety of art gallery furniture, from lobby chairs to directories, from frames to banner hangers, from general site furnishings to crowd control stanchions. Displays2go's online catalog includes all the amenities your art gallery needs!

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