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You're sure to impress event guests with these banquet supplies. There are many moving elements that go into a successful catered reception. Between weddings, conferences, award ceremonies, charity balls, and business parties, there are hundreds of event scenarios that banquet hall operators need to be prepared for. When it comes to tables, chairs, linens, buffet risers, and even signage, we've got you covered. Why rent some of these items for each and every use when you can own them for less? Purchasing these commonly used banquet supplies will save your organization a lot of money-savings you can pass on to your customers. Think of these banquet supplies as a long term investment in your business!

Having enough banquet tables and chairs to accommodate event guests is essential to any successful catering business. Would you want to turn away a potential customer who wants 275 guests at their reception all because your facility can't seat the total? Not to worry, 72" round banquet tables can seat up to 12 guests each! Pair these portable tables with folding chairs that are small, lightweight, and stackable. You'll find that most banquet furniture is designed to be completely portable because event wait staff needs to be able to break the furnishings down, move them, and store them away at the end of the evening. Highboy tables are ideal for events with cocktail hours or passed hors d'oeuvres. Similarly, shorter tables, sometimes called satellites, are great for casual seating during appetizers.

The tables at your event would be incomplete without the right banquet linens to go along with them! Long, round tablecloths are available in a variety of colors and are made of polyester so users can wash them again and again! To add a little flair to the tables, perhaps for a wedding or birthday party, decorate the tabletops with colorful organzas, runners, or satin overlays. When it comes to dressing up highboy and satellite tables, caterers have a few different options. They can stick with the traditional round cloth draped over these tables-or try a modern spandex cover! These elastic tablecloths, also called scuba tablecloths, are made of stretchy spandex fabric that wraps tightly around coordinating cocktail tables, giving them a contemporary and clean appearance. This style of spandex cloth is also available in folding chair covers! Don't forget napkins, as they are another important piece of the banquet linens puzzle.

A buffet table full of delicious food is something you're likely to find in any banquet hall. Displays2go offers attractive skirting for dressing these long rectangular tables, as well as many food displays to place on top of them. From bread baskets, to serving stands, to melamine dishes, to display risers, there is a wide range of products available for propping buffet tables. The key to making a banquet food table look its best even well absolutely bursting with food, is varying the heights of each of the dishes using risers. When it comes to drinks, beverage dispensers feature high end finishes and large capacities, perfect for parties of 200 or more!

A well-functioning banquet room isn't complete without the proper signage. Place card holders help designate seating charts or hold buffet food labels. Standing menu holders are great for wedding programs! Large decorative easels are ideal for holding sponsor information at charity events, or family photos are anniversary parties.

The key to a successful event is employing the right combination of reception hall supplies to help make your guests' nights the best they can possibly be!

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