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When it comes to figuring out which bike shop display ideas will work for your store, there's a lot to consider. Do you start with glass showcases, hanging banners, slatwall systems, window displays, or outside sidewalk signs? The answer to this question depends on the needs of the individual store. Some bicycle repair and sales locations may already have signs and banners and need to focus on the layout of the showroom floor while others may be set on fixtures but need to draw in more customers. Luckily for our customers, this collection features solutions for both situations, ranging from the simplest business card holders to the most complex digital signage systems.

Bike shop signs are one of the best investments you can make as an owner. In general, signage is much cheaper than other fixtures and supplies, especially larger items like shelving, display tables, and store furnishings. Bicycle shop signs come in a variety of styles, from simple acrylic sign holders that display custom inserts to custom printed banners & feather flags. Countertop and wall mounted sign frames are perfect for using throughout the interior of your store to detail special pricing, brand names & lines, club benefits, and financing options. While banners and flags can also be used inside, they are commonly positioned outside the storefront to draw in more customers. Similarly bike shop sidewalk signs are placed near doorways and entrances to capture the attention of passing pedestrians and motorists or display a bicycle repair sign. To figure out which bike shop signs will be most helpful to your location, do some objective analysis to find out where there is most room for improvement.

Bike shop fixtures tend to cost a little more than signs but they are every bit as necessary for day-to-day operation. Slatwall systems are some of the most popular choices for bicycle shops because there are so many accessories of different shapes and sizes to display. Slatwalls can be outfitted with all kinds of attachments, like hooks, shelves, and hangrails, which makes it so much easier to organize tubes, tires, seats, chains, rims, forks, and other parts. Bike shop shelves like these are also ideal for safety equipment like helmets, sunglasses, reflectors, and lights. These types of bicycle accessories can also be displayed using pegboards, retail gondolas, and aisle shelves. For more expensive items, bike shop display cases offer the perfect solution. Not only do these glass showcases keep merchandise visible yet locked away from customers, but they also serve as a great place to place a cash register or other payment system to handle transactions. We offer additional cashwraps and register stands as well, so be sure to look at them all before choosing the model that's best for your store.

Clothing and apparel are also commonly sold in bicycle repair shops, especially those that cater to professional cyclists. Fitted yet breathable uniforms, like jerseys and shorts, are commonly presented to customers using metal clothing racks and hangers. But if you really want to showcase your cycling apparel, you'll likely pick out a bike shop mannequin so customers understand exactly how the clothing fits before they make a purchase. If your shop is branded and well-known throughout your area, you might even have specialized shirts to sell. Both mannequins and clothing racks will do a great job getting local cycling enthusiasts excited about your store and your branded apparel.

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