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Imagine that you're standing in front of your dream bistro café! It’s a warm sunny day on the small city street and you’re looking at the quaint building decorated with sidewalk stanchion barriers, outdoor tables and chairs, and table umbrellas. Isn’t this exactly how you would like to decorate your café business? We offer brightly colored umbrellas that overhang tables from the side or ones that install through the middle of the outdoor bistro table. The bistro umbrellas come with or without bases in case you are just replacing one with another. Our outdoor bistro table sets come in different sizes and shapes to fit you’re outside patio. To block off a section on your business sidewalk, our café barriers will make a great addition to your establishment. The café barriers come complete with bistro banners and stainless steel or aluminum posts. The banners are able to be customized to showcase your bistro brand. Do you have a large, small, or oddly shaped patio? Either way, our café barriers have endless configuration possibilities to accommodate your needs.

For guests walking by or inside your bistro establishment, outdoor menu boards and signs are available with many features. LED write-on boards and A-frame chalkboards are perfect for placing indoors or outdoors to present the day’s menu specials. Decorate your bistro sidewalk sign with bright, liquid chalk to capture potential customers' attention. Our write-on boards are lightweight and easy to transport for outdoor advertising, which makes them a great selections for these European-style restaurants.

A custom bistro floor mat can be ordered from us with your company logo and brand name on it, which will certainly catch the attention of those entering the business. Make an impact as soon as your customers walk through the door with customized bistro furniture and fixtures. Our hostess & valet podiums include height adjustable shelves, iPad mounts, poster frames and bistro menu holders. If you provide a valet service our locking key box will keep your customers car keys safe. Bistros are well known for being intimate with smaller tables and close quarters. Our small indoor bistro tables will really maximize the Parisian ambiance. If you plan on featuring a bar for people to enjoy a few drinks, our bistro bar stools will make a great addition to your brasserie. Modern bistro stools are available for a more upscale look for the more formal bistros. Matching chair and table stretch covers come in different colors to match any décor and are machine wash ready. Square bistro tablecloths are also available in many colors and checkerboard patterns.

Speaking of bistro tables, we also offer table tents and placard holders to advertise your specials menu. The bistro menu holders, clear acrylic displays, and A-frame signs come 1, 2, and 3-sided designs. Almost every food service location has drink and dinner special holders on every table. Our tabletop sign holders are affordable and feature well-made construction that is sure to last for years of use. These bistro sign holders work for daily specials but also for special events, especially when numbering tables and organizing seating arrangements.

Also available are bistro supplies such as server aprons, menu covers, serving trays, beverage dispensers, and food covers. What’s a small restaurant without these necessities? We will help your business run efficiently with the right bistro supplies. Our condiment organizers will keep your cups, lids and food seasonings neatly arranged. If you are in need of cold or hot beverage dispensers and organizers we can easily help you. We have a large line of airpots and coffee stations including coffee cup organizers, lid compartments, and drip trays. Our 1-3 gallon plastic cold beverage dispensers are available in single and double dispensers and have an optional ice tray to keep your drink from being watered down but still cold. Drip trays are included to curtail messes and minimize cleaning. These bistro drink dispensers are perfect for mixed drinks, ice tea, ice coffee, different juices, and more. And we can’t forget the bistro drinkware! Hot and cold drink pictures are available for serving beverages to you guests. We have many different styles to choose from as well as tumblers and drinking glasses. Our dishwasher-safe, plastic cups are very affordable and will look great alongside your upscale decor.

Take a look over all the bistro furniture and fixtures we have to offer and you promise you will like are great selection. Whether you want to decorate your bistro inside or out, our table and outdoor bistro banners, signage, table sets and other furniture will bring your small dining establishment to the next class French restaurant, like Philou.

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