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Every book display booth is different and for good reason. When designing your exhibit, you should think about the impact you want to make as well as the market you are targeting. First, consider your demographic. Are most of your readers children that require age-appropriate material? Or are you selling romance novels to your grandmother's friends? Either way, we have customizable graphics that will not only grab the attention of everyone in the immediate area but also make your book fair booth look that much more professional and cohesive! Keep your audience in mind when designing graphics for banners and posters too. Loud colors and exciting graphics are great for young readers, but a more refined and uniform approach may be better for older bibliophiles. If you offer many types of literature, consider using some hanging signs to label the different sections. No matter which avenue you decide to take, rest assured that we have customizable banners, signage, and backdrops to suit your needs.

While book fair flags, banners, and signage cover some of the bases, you'll want to think about how to display the literature itself. We offer a variety of book stands for not only novels and textbooks, but also magazines, comics, and other publications. Rotating book racks are some of the best options because they allow the user to maximize their display space. If you're looking for something a little less permanent, consider a temporary cardboard book or magazine stand. These corrugated displays ship knocked down to keep handling costs affordable yet they set up easily and are so cheap that many people actually throw them out after the event is over. Tabletop easels are also very popular for showcasing books. These countertop book stands fit right on top of any table or even a stack of books, so the title and cover are prominently displayed. Once you have your book signing table set up, you'll probably want to purchase a tablecloth, cover, or runner to make it look more professional and seamless. Additionally, book fair tablecloths hang down over the side of the table, which provides extra space for storing surplus books, empty boxes, and other supplies.

Tables are certainly the most common type of furniture used in book fair exhibits, but we also carry a large selection of bar stools, chairs, and presentation counters. Making sure your booth is both comfortable for you and your customers is extremely important to engagement. Set up some modern stools or some comfortable book show chairs to attract more prospects and keep them there!

Less common displays for book fairs include iPad kiosks and tablet stands. If you're "old school", you may have scoffed reading that but the fact is that eBooks are becoming more and more popular all the time. Some authors have even opted to release publications exclusively through electronic media. Setting up a kiosk will allow modern authors to showcase their work in a new and exciting way. Other applications for these tablet kiosks can include inventory management and customer lookup functionality. There are tons of apps for iPads and other tablets that enable book fair booth attendants to customize their data in any number of ways.

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