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Bowling alley signs are some of the first displays customers see when they are getting ready to hit the lanes. Bright LED "OPEN" signs are commonly placed behind entryway doors or storefront windows, so customers are aware of hours of operation and availability. An open sign will let eager rollers know that they are welcome to start bowling strikes! We also offer other bowling signage to help showcase your services and products, including custom-printed vinyl banners, outdoor bulletin boards, and sidewalk signs. Basically if you have a sign or banner for your bowling alley you want displayed, we have a solution that will ensure your logo, slogan, or announcement looks professional.

Bowling alley furniture includes a number of different chairs and tables for a variety of settings. The reception desk or cash wrap, is usually the first stop for customers. Here, patrons can rent shoes, schedule parties, and pay for their lanes. We offer various service desk designs and finishes, so find one that suits both your needs and the style of your bowling establishment. Seating is commonly set up near the service desk as well, so customers have a comfortable place to sit during busier times when the lines are longer. Bowling alley stanchions and crowd control posts offer the perfect solution for keeping your lines orderly and are a great alternative to traditional lobby-style chairs.

If your family fun center also serves food or features a bar, you might need some tables and chairs of a different sort. Check out our bowling alley high-top tables and adjustable bar stools. These unique pieces of furniture are great for contemporary settings because the designs are so modern! Make sure you have all the trimmings for your tables as well, like tablecloths, menu covers, and check presenters. If you want to show tabletop signs with specials or drink lists, consider ordering some bowling alley table tents. These little clear plastic frames are perfectly designed for small menu cards and other tabletop advertisements.

Does your bowling alley have an outdoor patio? Customized café barriers are excellent solutions for sectioning off outside areas. Many of the barriers features weighted or fillable bases that stay standing even in windy conditions. Umbrellas are available in both custom and stock designs. Either option is sure to protect your patrons from the hot sun or pouring rain. Canopy tents are another great idea for those drizzly days when people still want to be outside but don't want to get wet. Of course you'll want to make sure that you have set up a sufficient amount of waste receptacles and ashtrays, so you can keep the area clean.

We provide a wide array of media equipment for special bowling alley events too. For example, our projector mounts and screens are great for showing music videos and other entertainment during cosmic bowling and planned parties. Sometimes bowling alleys will have a stage or a dance floor, which is another great application for projector systems. If you are looking to use televisions or monitors to show scoring, our digital signage displays are the ideal choice. These plug-n-play digital sign systems feature commercial-grade monitors that can be left on for much longer than a traditional TV without causing damage or overheating. Be sure to pair your monitors with ceiling brackets or wall mounts, so every bowler has a clear view!

We provide many fixtures and accessories for bowling alley pro shops too if you are looking retail displays. Slatwalls with hangers for bowling shirts or traditional clothing racks for other bowling attire save space while making the apparel look attractive. If you have more space in your shop, nesting tables are also available in many different sizes and colors, so you can easily match any décor. Mannequins take up a little more space than other clothing displays, but they are definitely your best bet when it comes to making a sale. These life-size dress forms show customers how great your bowling attire looks on a real person. We have sizes ranging from children to adult in both male and female, so you can accommodate all your bowling apparel accordingly.

Bowling alley checkout counters and cash wraps for your pro shop make it easier for customers to come in and make a purchase. When paired with countertop displays, you can easily take full advantage of your retail space while encouraging last-minute, impulse buys. Business card & bowling alley gift certificate holders are excellent for sharing your establishment's contact information. Tournaments often call for detailed brackets and information regarding team membership. Use a traditional cork or fabric announcment board or select an enclosed bowling alley bulletin board to share all the necessary information with tournament participants and club members. Our bowling alley product line is always growing and will help you and your patrons score a perfect "300" every time!

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