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Unless you're making a beeline for the coffee maker, when you first enter a break room it is probably the large furniture pieces, like tables, chairs, and lockers, you notice first. These furnishings allow workers to sit, relax, and enjoy a little down time. Breakroom tables and chairs are ideal for these common spaces. With these furnishings, employees can choose to sit and eat, have a quick beverage, or even a meeting! For additional break room seating, businesses often choose cushioned chairs for a little added comfort. For times when the office requires a little extra floor space, maybe for a morning yoga class or a surprise birthday party, flipper break room tables are ideal because they can fold down and be rolled to the side of the room. Besides tables and chairs, another common sight in these locations is break room lockers. Many retail and corporate companies will offer these secure fixtures for employees to leave personal items while they work. These break room supplies make up some of the main features of the room, but remember more fixtures are needed to complete the space!

After you've had your fill of free coffee from the Keurig and have taken a seat at one of the tables and chairs, you may have a chance to look around the popular office space. From there you will likely see a selection of break room signs and supplies. There will be posters on the wall from HR with motivational messages, and laminated etiquette signs asking employees to PLEASE only eat the food that belongs to them. You may also see a clear acrylic break room sign holding a memo about an upcoming open enrollment period for your healthcare plan. You may even see a few personal ads for things like charity drives or open-mic nights! If you're looking for employee break room ideas that will add some pizzazz to your space, sign holders and frames are the place to start! Not all posters need to be used for announcements either. To help design a space that's truly conducive to relaxation, one could use frames to display scenic photos of nature or cityscapes. Break room frames that feature snap open edges make it incredibly easy to change up the room's décor.

Lastly, add these organizational and janitorial supplies to your list of office common room must-haves. Items like K-cup holders are great for keeping countertops next to coffee makers free of clutter. Similarly, cup and lid organizers keep disposable cups within reach. All-in-one units are also available - designed to hold cups, lids, sugars, straws, and napkins all in one display! When it comes to keeping the break room clean and safe, janitorial supplies are a necessity. These wide ranging supplies include bus carts, non-slip mats, hand sanitizer dispensers, even trash and recycling cans!

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