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A café table can come in many forms. You've probably seen collections of those classic round fixtures peppering sidewalks, courtyards, or restaurant interiors in the past. This popular style of round café table is great for smaller groups of diners. Because many tables are designed for outdoor use, business managers don't have to worry about them during inclement weather. Just leave them out, rain or shine! Outdoor umbrellas, both with and without custom printing, can be added to any patio area to keep the seating protected and more comfortable. If the seating does need to be moved, however, folding café tables can be incredibly convenient. Pair them with folding chairs or bar stools to complete the seating area. As a finishing touch, throw some checkered or ivory café tablecloths over the tabletops. Tables with pretty tops that don't require cloths can be a lot more expensive than basic plastic fixtures, but using a washable tablecloth on top more than makes up for any plainness. You can use other café supplies, like cloth napkins, to add to the charm, but paper napkins will also work just fine.

Once you have your café's outdoor seating area square away, it's time to take a look at the interior of the business. A deli-style counter or checkout area will need merchandise risers and small sign holders for starters. Long lines are a sure sign your business is booming, but that may also mean you could benefit from a few café stanchions with retractable belts for a little crowd control. Beverage dispensers are ideal for holding juice and water, while airpots keep coffee warm between refills. Check out our series of labeled vacuum pitchers for milk and cream! We even offer a wide selection of cup and lid organizers, condiment holders, and coffee airpot racks. Your barista will be forever grateful for this self-serve style equipment! Just place these café supplies out for customers to help themselves.

You can have the best seating, tables, and tablecloths, but if your customers don't know what to order your business won't get very far. Our café menu signs and bulletin boards are just what you need to get your guests' mouths watering. Hang a chalkboard menu on a wall to advertise daily specials, or use a trendy LED menu board to light up drink promotions. For a subtler effect, place little A-frame or flip chart menu holders on each of the café's tables. Diners can flip through the food and drink selections while they wait to order. If your customers order at a counter, a larger café bulletin or write-on board hung above it may be perfect for changing food selections. You could even use a countertop brochure holder to leave menus for the taking. No matter what you use to advertise your café menu, make sure it's extremely visible and any hand-written information is legible!

If the time has come to drum up new business, Displays2go has an arsenal of marketing displays and café signage that can help. To start, try placing a sidewalk sign out on the street to catch the attention of passersby. Waving banners or flags are also great for getting attention. We offer both stock messages and custom graphic printing with this style of café sign, so the options are literally endless. Spring for the custom printed flags if you want your business's name or brand to be represented, but even something as simple as an "open" flag can let customers know you're open for business. This way, they are more likely to stop in for a drink and a bite.

Never underestimate the power of this traditional style of advertising, especially to small businesses!

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