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Ordering and setting up car dealership marketing displays is not a simple task--but it can be with Displays2go! Rather than tackling all the fixtures for your auto dealership at once, start with the outside! Flags sell cars, we all know it! You need to make a statement and catch the eye anyone driving by! Car dealership flags and banner systems are great ways to advertise your low prices, new and used models, seasonal promotions, and financing options. Flutter flags wave in the wind awesomely so you know they get the attention of your target market. The large size of the banners makes them great for pulling in potential customers both passing by on foot or in their cars. Some of our car dealership banners and flag poles feature weighted bases that can be filled with water or sand. This way, you won't have to worry about the large graphics toppling over. Other options have a specially-made car-foot base. With this design, the tire of a car or truck is parked right on top of the stand keeping it from moving. Other popular car dealer signs include sandwich board and sidewalk sign styles. Auto dealership agents and salespeople can place these signage fixtures outside their facility along the road to advertise sales. Many sidewalk signs have weighted bases so they won’t topple over in the wind. What better way to amp up your car dealership marketing than with these supplies?

Once the outside of your automotive storefront has been adorned with the proper eye-catching flags and signs, it's time to move inside! Promoting your inventory and company brand is most important to any successful sales campaign. Every dealership owner wants the customer to easily remember their company over all others. As customers first walk into an auto dealer, they walk right over some prime promotional real estate: the floor mat. You can take advantage of the advertising space by adding some customizable mats. These mats can be tailor-made with the company name and logo, so no one forgets your dealership's name. Next, the customer might stroll over to read your brochures and pamphlets detailing model specifications or financing options. Get the right literature holders, so customers can get all the information they need on each vehicle. If your auto showroom is quite large, you might want to hang some posters or banners to denote where different makes and models are located. You can also use these printed advertisements to talk about specials and promotions that provide automatic savings to the customer.

You may also find your auto or pickup dealership in need of some general site furnishings. These items include ash trays, trash cans, crowd control stanchion posts (to keep eager hands off the luxury models), and general sign frames for licenses, accreditations, and certifications.

As you can see this just touches upon the many promotional and advertising supplies that an auto dealership needs in order to run at its full potential. Any items required can usually be customized with screen printing or other graphic design process for an optimal branding exposure. Remember it doesn’t matter if you're a small dealer or an innovative giant like Tesla, all auto dealers need promotional and advertising to ensure maximum sales!

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