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Car show display boards are the primary medium of written information for the attendees of the show. Standing beside each vehicle, they give the model/make/year, specifications for the engine & body, history and more, all in an artistic, graphical format. An exceptional car needs an equally impressive car show display board to highlight the important features of the vehicle. Customize your own car display sign in the form of a retractable banner stand scroll that can easily be rolled up and transported. Use a 24" x 36" corrugated poster board, built and printed in the USA by Displays2go Workshop, and use it with a metal sign holder. A two feet by three feet graphic should be more than adequate to fit the visuals and facts necessary for an impactful car show board. A floorstanding poster holder makes a perfect show car display board, and can fit two 22x28 signs on either side. A 2-sided A-frame sign, or pop up sign with custom graphics works as an easily transported car display sign that's great for outdoor displays or presentations.

Pop up some ropes and stands to create car show display barriers. This helps manage the crowd, creates a perimeter, and prevents spectators from touching expensive vehicles. A polished brass post with a classy blue rope is the perfect car display barrier for a luxury model like a Lamborghini or Aston Martin. For an affordable option try a stanchion post with a retractable belt. These are lightweight and simple to set up and pack away at the end of the show. To call attention to features of the cars, use special car show display lighting with a 35 watt bulb and 19.5' cord, which is sure to reach any outlet. In addition, put up some poster stands with literature holders to distribute pamphlets and informational brochures about the vehicle. This is especially useful for deploying maps to help onlookers find their around the convention, as well as information about a particular vehicle or manufacturer. A pamphlet makes a great souvenir and can boost product awareness, which is particularly useful for new concept designs or vehicles that will soon be on the market.

While auto shows typically take place inside a convention center, or other large room, they can also take place outside. For outdoor car shows, canopies and tents are necessary to keep cars and guests out of the sun (or rain in some cases). Combine a couple of 10' x 10' tents, with custom graphics to provide shade for your classic Camaro. Use a portable car show booth tent to check attendees in, sell tickets, sell refreshments or use as an information booth. With this selection of products, your next auto show is sure to be a big hit. Whether you're organizing the show, or running an individual section, you're sure to find what you need at Displays2go. With an inventory that includes everything from product marketing merchandise to point-of-sale displays, we have the supplies you need to run a successful automobile show!

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