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There are lots of different options when it comes to comedy club promotions, so we'll start with your outdoor advertising needs. When it comes to promoting events, outdoor poster frames and lightboxes provide a great way to publicize upcoming shows. Enclosed (often-locking) bulletin boards offer another practical solution because they can hold several flyers and bills at a time. This way you can advertise Friday night's regional headliner and Monday night's open mic in the same space. Since many comedy events occur after dark, illuminated bulletin boards and backlit poster frames are ideal for publicizing events. Their low power consuming LED lights are brighter than normal lights and use less energy to help keep your electricity bill low. Prominent, noticeable signs are essential no matter what type of comedy your club specializes in, whether it's stand-up, sketches, or improv. Comedians and club owners can get very creative with signage. Comedy banners can be custom printed with funny messages to attract even more event go-ers. After all, the idea is the make people laugh!

Everyone enjoys a good chuckle, so don't be surprised when lots of people start lining up outside your establishment; be prepared with crowd control systems. We carry a full line of queue stanchions, including both modern retractable belt designs as well as classic post & rope styles. If you plan to keep customers waiting for at least a little while, consider adding some ashtrays and trash cans to keep the outside of your club looking sharp. No one likes to stand around in a pile of cigarette butts and litter. You may also want to pick up some entry mats to keep patrons from tracking dirt intor your establishment.

As fans enter into the comedy club, they'll often see picture and poster frames. The portrait frames are commonly used to show off famous comedians that have performed in the past. LED backlit frames work indoors as well, especially if the room is dimly lit for ambiance. Bulletin boards are another popular wall fixture for posting notices and information about upcoming shows. If you comedy club offers food and drinks we can provide you with food and beverage supplies. Tables for dining and linens are available as well as folding / stackable chairs. You can also shop a full selection of bar supplies, like napkins, tumblers, garnish organizers, and condiment caddies.

Other items that are perfect for advertising drink specials or future comedians are table top signs. Our single and double-sided signs come in acrylic, plastic, and metal. Vertical and horizontal T-style sign holders are popular because of their easy design for replacing signs and very affordable pricing. Advertising future events to your audience is important because it will make a large impact for return business, which is why not only traditional signs but also digital signage is important to have. Digital signage is great because it allows you to display multiple messages that rotate slides like a powerpoint presentation. These electronic signs are also great for broadcasting the live open mic or featured comedian throughout larger comedy clubs so that everyone can see the stand-up comic's expressions for every punchline.

And to take care of your comedians and entertainers we threw all the old, uncomfortable wooden comic stools out the door and brought in new, modern comedy stools for you to choose from. We also have furniture and comedian essentials for after the show. Our foldable merch tables make it simple to set up a place for your entertainer to sell CDs, DVDs, and digital copies. Business card holders are also great so that the audience members can easily remember who their favorite comedian is, as well as where to find more of their merchandise online. So whatever you or your entertainment need for comedy club displays make sure to visit Displays2go first!

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