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Choosing commercial security supplies can be a challenge, and oftentimes important steps and functions are overlooked. In order to make the most prudent decisions it pays to examine each aspect of your business, determine where there could potentially be oversights or violations, and where security upgrades might be needed. Then, move forward with the appropriate purchase and implement accordingly.

The first line of defense against a safety hazard or security violation is proper crowd control and communication to the people at your business or event. A security sign or safety flag alerts people not to enter into a location that is dangerous or contains sensitive information. The custom security graphic can contain any text or image you choose; it is best practice to create security signs so that they draw attention to the eye and are easily read and understood. In addition to a static image, digital safety signage can be positioned near entrances to inform guests of proper safety procedures, escape routes and other instructions. Crowd control becomes easy with security stanchions. Floor-mounted security posts can be used both to cordon and assemble guests in a controlled manner, or as barriers between the guest and a dangerous or fragile area. Take a look at our retractable and portable crowd barriers for easy setup and takedown. For outdoor events, consider an event security tent, to house supplies and security personnel.

In order to adequately oversee the premises, a video monitoring station must be built with multiple monitors that feed from equipment stationed in highly trafficked or sensitive areas. Use an adjustable surveillance monitor mount to display more than one screen on a desktop or wall. Choose from our selection of surveillance video mounts and security monitors to build the remote video surveillance station of your dreams. In particular, review our selection of security monitor walls, which can hold up to 9 monitors! Add a lockable AV cart to help securely transport valuable equipment throughout the building.

One of the most important security responsibilities involves keeping valuables, both of the guests and the business, locked in a safe location. Whether it be purses, wallets, mobile devices or tablets, an industrial locker with high-grade security and ample cabinet storage room is an essential fixture in any business location. Choose from a variety of sizes, tiers and styles to secure valuable belongings in a personalized way. If your business uses mobile devices and tablets consider using a locking tablet charging station to protect and safeguard expensive electronics while they charge overnight. These are perfect for restaurant security solutions, where waitstaff use tablets to place orders and must recharge them for the next shift. If your business only uses one, or just a few tablets, perhaps at the register, consider an ipad Kensington lock!

You are sure to find many affordable, durable business security supplies in the Displays2go catalog. From locking pegboard display hooks for retail merchandise to Kensington cable locks that secure electronic devices, we've got you covered. Browse the selection of hand-picked items on this page, and navigate around the site for more options to safeguard and secure your valued patrons, employees and merchandise!

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