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Baking cakes and other treats is only have the battle when it comes to selling confections. Recent television shows, like Cake Boss, have shown us that success in this industry also has a lot to do with the aesthetics of your cakes or cupcakes. Pastry chefs not only make the best tasting goodies, but they also make them as visually appealing as possible. With so much effort going into the presentation, it only makes sense that purchasing the right cake shop display case or cupcake stand. Our collection includes several types of stands, cases, and covers. Acrylic pastry bins and display cases are ideal for placement on countertops to show off freshly made goods. Cake stands and pedestals are offered both with and without covers. Order a model that includes a cake dome to keep your confectionary treats fresh and appealing. Cupcake display stands are also available in our online collection and can be ordered in acrylic, plastic, and cardboard designs. Some even feature printed graphics that match perfectly with most any cake shop decor.

Signs are extremely important in any business. They can be used for labels, price tags, aisle markers, and even as outdoor advertisements. Cake shop signs, including custom printed banners and message flags, provide a great way to announce grand openings, seasonal hours, or new products. Cupcake shop banners are commonly hung outside the business above or below the window display to attract passing motorists and pedestrians. Sidewalk signs that accommodate posters, come with changeable letter boards, or feature write-on marker boards are all great alternatives to banners. Sandwich board signs like these are some of the most common displays used to advertise outside of a cake shop. Inside the business, you might use some price tag clips, shelf labels, or hanging signage to identify different cakes, brownies, and pastries. Cake shop price tags and labels are extremely important because some customers may have allergies (nut allergies are some of the most common!) or other dietary restrictions. As the manager of a cupcake shop, you'll want to make sure every customer knows exactly what they are consuming.

Now that you have your cake shop window display and interior signage figured out, it's time to think about the furniture you'll use. While most businesses in this industry don't typically have a lot of floor space, some actually have tables and chairs set up for customers. Cupcake shop furniture, especially bar stools and modern pub tables, provide a nice alternative to traditional restaurant seating. However, we also carry a variety of cafe-style tables for businesses that require shorter tabletops. Shelving and baker's racks are also for sale in this collection. Shop basic gondolas or rustic wooden store fixtures. With such a wide assortment of styles, decorators will have a very easy time finding cake shop shelves that enhance both decor and functionality. You can also pick up cash wraps, register stands, and checkout counters. Plan your whole store's layout with just a simple look through this assortment of cake shop fixtures.

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