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Most any DJ booth will have lots of music gear, from laptop computers with special software to complex mixing boards, so having a proper workstation is the first step for any serious MC. Sometimes the equipment a DJ uses is self-contained and creates a "booth" in itself. But when the equipment doesn't create a dedicated area, MCs have to set up their own. Creating a DJ booth area can be done with a table or even a tent (space-permitting). DJ tents are great for indoor and outdoor events. These pop-up shelters feature a lot of room, which makes them ideal for DJs with larger setups. Plastic folding tables offer MCs another great option for organizing music equipment. Use just one DJ table or several depending on how much AV gear you have. Either way, make sure to pick up a custom printed tablecloth. These DJ tablecloths will make any boring tabletop look professional and uniform while reinforcing your brand.

Loudspeaker systems come in all kinds of different sizes and feature various wattage outputs. Selecting the right DJ sound system really depends on the needs of the MC. Sometimes a smaller, more portable system will work just fine but other times a larger, more powerful system is required. At Displays2go, MCs can shop a full range of wattages in additional to wired and wireless as well as handheld and lapel microphones. We even carry dynamic and condenser style mics, so finding the optimal design for your application is simple. Another interesting feature of our DJ audio systems is that they are available as all-in-one kits. Each portable audio package comes with everything needed to set up sound quickly, including cables and speaker stands. Portability is extremely important for any DJ, which is why we offer these travel-style systems.

While music and sound systems are the core of any MC's set up, there are other types of media DJs use to entertain at events. Projection systems add the visual dimension to any party. DJ projector screens are commonly used to play slideshows at graduations and retirement parties. Simply playing music videos along with your song playlist is sure to get more people up out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. Projectors can also be used to detail business plans and display company videos at corporate events. Flat screen televisions offer a similar benefit. DJ TV stands are available in several sizes with a full array of features. Some options feature portable, knock-down designs, while others feature caster wheels and height adjustability. Take a look at our collection of truss TV stands for a simple yet inexpensive screen display solution. We also offer several types of mounting brackets, so just about any MC setup can be accommodated.

DJ signs, like flags and banners, are essential to booking gigs and developing your customer base. When someone attends a party or event and sees your business' signs, they're much more likely to remember you and make a recommendation in the future. Make sure to create an entertaining afternoon or evening for every guest and post your business' signage around the booth. This way, every attendee will remember who you are and they'll be more likely to pass on a good word. Having your logo visible is only one aspect of a DJ banner. You'll also want to make sure that the logo looks as professional as possible. Consider any of our custom printed banners or flags to project professionalism at every gig.

Audio equipment is heavy and can be a chore to move. Our collection of shipping and travel cases are ideal for taking DJ supplies from one event to the next. Many of the DJ equipment cases include wheels and heavy duty hardware so gear is easily maneuvered and stays protected while in transit. We also have a wide array of utility carts that can be used by MCs. These DJ carts features metal and hard plastic designs that are tough enough to handle moving large loads of audio gear day in and day out. Browse all our utility carts for event entertainers to find the model that works for your setup.

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