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When it comes to supplying a department store with the appropriate furniture, clothing racks, signage, and shelving, you'll first need to consider the section of the shop you are stocking. Because big box retailers feature so many categories of merchandise, it's important to consider the various product types to be displayed before purchasing shelving. Luckily, this page offers department store supplies to fit almost every type of merchandise!

If you've ever stepped foot into Kohl's or Nordstrom, you know the first thing you see is likely aisles upon aisles of the latest fashion trends. Department store clothing racks are an essential for every one of these retail giants as the sale of garments makes up a large percentage of their business every year! We offer garment stands in a wide range of sizes and styles that are designed to fit the rigors and constantly evolving needs of a large storefront. Height adjustable rolling racks are great for long dresses in the women's section or for holding extra clothes outside of a fitting room. Department store garment racks with knobs are great for holding purses and scarves in the accessories section of the shop. Even multi-tiered units can be the perfect retail fixtures for use as islands in the middle of a sales area. Along the walls of the clothing section is the perfect place for department store shelving! We stock many models of slatwall, gondola, gridwall, and traditional shelving styles. Along the edges of these clothing selections, you'll often see a department store mannequin or two modeling the latest outfits. Dress forms and body forms are popular merchandising tools for any retail environment selling clothing; however in a department store environment, they can be particularly attention-getting and effective. With mannequins available in realistic, abstract, and child forms, you're sure to find the right model to fit any section of the store. Suit mannequins and wedding dress mannequins are often used to sell more expensive, specialty clothing. These marketing tools are also commonly seen in department store window displays, which is another important area of the establishment to stock with props and fixtures.

When creating the perfect window display, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the products you wish to promote. Second, determine a theme for your display. Lastly, gather the appropriate props and shelving that will allow you to display the themed products in a way that is clear, attractive, and attention-getting to passersby. Department store mannequins are a great start, but what are some other items that would fit your display? Consider larger items like shelves, display tables, or chairs to create the base of your window display. Borrow department store furniture from other areas of the shop to complete the look. Then, add interesting props like modern signage or acrylic risers! By placing your merchandise on and around these unconventional department store supplies, you'll be creating a memorable window display that's sure to generate interest and revenue!

Department store signage has always been integral part of these successful retail establishments. What may seem small and inconsequential actually has the power to generate big bucks for your company! Start with department store poster stands, for example. These advertising tools are often placed at the entrance to announce sales and promotions. As customers walk through the aisles of the shop they'll see this type of department store sign pop up again and again. The key to effective marketing is exposure after all! Pair these sign stands with smaller units on checkout or beauty counters and your in-store signage strategy is almost complete. Department store banners are the next signage style to consider. These colorful and custom printed banners can be used indoor or outdoor and make a real impact on customers due to their sheer size! And of course, you can't forget department store signs on a much smaller scale - price tag holders! With such a wide array of signage options available on this page, you're sure to find the products needed to fill your establishment with labels as well as pricing and sale information!

Have a specific visual merchandising tool in mind that you don't see here? Looking for items with your logo printed on them? Our customer service department can help! Try our live chat feature, or call 1-800-572-2194, and someone would be happy to help make your display dreams a reality!

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