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Retail shelving and literature stands are two crucial discount display fixtures for large scale merchandising stores. Multi-tier discount shelving allows you to optimize shelf space and place important goods at eye-level to the consumer. Discount slatwall contains pegs that allow you to hang shelves, racks and bins at every height level. Piece together multiple wooden shelving units bought at a discount to create aisles with structural and aesthetic integrity. Pair these with discount store wooden literature racks to hold the latest issues of magazines, tabloids and paperback best-sellers. A specialty store can use a 4 tier literature display to store guides and magazines for their target audience near the register for impulse purchases, and gondola shelves are ideal for displaying discount merchandise exhibits that can be arranged to suit your layout and aisle construction.

For discount merchandise that doesn't belong on a shelf, try using dump bins that shoppers can sift through. Discount retail dump bins are perfect for cheap bulk merchandise like toys, pillows, sports balls, stuffed animals and more! Retail dump bins can come in all forms, including half barrels, simple cardboard displays and even tiered bins that neatly present freestanding items. Add acrylic display bins to your countertops for smaller items like beauty products, chapstick and other miscellaneous goods. For retail stores that offer clothing, try a discount clothing rack or tiered display table. An oval display table can present shoes or handbags on an attractive hardwearing laminate finish, and a clothing rack will organize fashionable discount apparel and accessories like button-downs and belts. A floorstanding hat display rack is perfectly designed to present hundreds of hats for shoppers to browse. Pair these clothing displays with mannequins for a comprehensive presentation of discount clothing items.

Mass merchandisers often have large stores, and instituting clear discount store signs is pivotal in helping customers find the items they are seeking, as well as attracting them towards promotional or clearance items. Discount signage can include ceiling-hanging signs, floor standing signs, wall mounted signs and counter top signs. Use a combination of these signs to mark aisle categories, label products, and promote items that are on sale. Clip on tag signs are perfect for price labels and can easily be swapped when prices change. No matter what kind of inventory your discount store holds, Displays2go has affordable fixtures to include your shop's design that will effectively move merchandise. Don't stop with this selection, browse our entire catalog to purchase the merchandise you need to operate your discount store!

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