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Building the perfect vape retail shop starts with choosing the right glass e-cig displays. The cutting edge vaporizer pens and accessories need an equally impressive home to be prominently displayed for the customers. Operating a large store can be expensive, especially in the city, and often it's better to maximize display space in a small store. That's why a vape store configuration counter with ample display room and tempered glass shelves are perfect for displaying e-cigs, eliquid, batteries, tanks and any other merchandise in perfect view of the guest. A cash wrap can be assembled in many designs, and include register stands and counters that are easily accessible by the cashier and provide plenty of room for multiple patrons to access the cases at the same time. Considering the expensive nature of vaporizer technology, make sure to browse ones with sliding doors that include security locks to protect valuable equipment overnight. Floor-standing and countertop vape shop display stands hold the premium merchandise, or provide additional enclosed display room. Strong, tempered glass windows afford maximum protection for merchandise, and an illuminated ecig display case can make the metallic equipment shine, while allowing customers to see every detail of the ecigarettes, from factory starter kits to complex mods. Countertop electronic cigarette display cases can hold additional merch and accessories at eye level of the customer. Try putting new, promoted eliquids, coils, wicks and other accessories in the countertop cases near the register for impulse buys and point of sale purchases.

Vape shops need to keep devices charged for customers to try new equipment or eliquid combinations. In a busy shop, it can be difficult to keep many different open-box devices charged at the same time. As a solution, try a vape charging station. While these commercial charging stations are traditionally built for tablets and mobile devices, they can be applied to many vaporizers as well. A charging AV cart is a ventilated locking unit with 12 outlets, and could potentially charge a dozen batteries at the same time. E-cigs that charge with a micro USB can use a standing e-cig charging station. This allows multiple customers to recharge their vaporizers while inside the store. Add a branded sign to the top for a sharp-looking, modern charging station that will certainly differentiate your store from your competitors. Please use your discretion when charging devices, and remember to never attempt to charge a vaping pen or standalone battery with an incompatible charger.

An important aspect of vape shops and lounges is creating a comfortable and striking atmosphere for guests to visit and escape to regularly. A vape shop should make guests feel at home as they try new juices and new devices, or even just hang out to shoot the breeze. This is why many vape shops choose to install stools and furniture along the counter, creating a vape bar. Choosing vape stools that are both comfortable and fit the atmosphere of the room is important. Should the look be more avant-garde, or perhaps more traditional? What colors would look best with the rest of the decor? Adjustable height stools are a fine choice, as they allow customers of all sizes to vertically align themselves with the counters, and many vaping stools rotate 360 degrees for an added touch. Customers that spend extended periods of time in the shop will appreciate a stool with lower back support. Pair stools with elegant high top tables to hold ejuices and devices for friends or companions to share. If the vape shop has low or sunken furniture, try a lounge coffee table with literature holder to hold brochures and magazines that patrons can read while they are puffing or waiting for service.

If you were lucky you were able to lease or purchase vape shop retail space in a heavily trafficked area, but to fully capitalize on the traffic, eye-catching signage is needed. The experts say that branding the business is of the utmost importance, and one way to supplement branding efforts is with wall hanging electronic cigarette signs, window e-cig signs, outdoor A-frame signs and any other graphic displays that can express your vape shop logo and slogan. A custom graphic window hanging sign uses valuable storefront window space to catch customers on their way in. Use these signs to bring visibility to promotions (V2 Vaporizers 25% off!), branding, or to show store hours. A classic light-up "Open" sign tells customers that the store or lounge is open from as far as the eye can see. Illuminated wall hanging signs are perfect for the dimly lit vaporizer lounge. Call attention to prices, products and decorative graphics with a large illuminated vapor display. Consider an LED writing board to write weekly e-cig or eliquid specials on behind the counter. The neon writing is perfectly illuminated and visible, even in darker rooms, and is a great addition to a hip new vape store in a college neighborhood. Also consider large snap-open or swinging poster frames to hang prints from the leading vaporizer or juice brands, especially if they are including them in wholesale orders.

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