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It's easy to equip a film fest, street fair, or music festival with these awesome display products. Even before the event begins, organizers will need to start using these banners, flags, and signs to advertise the festival! Custom feather flags allow you to spread news of the upcoming event to the surrounding community. Similarly, sidewalk or pavement signs placed around town can advertise the fair's music acts or various vendors. Believe it or not, the fair displays used leading up to the festival can have a direct effect on the success of the event!

When the day of the fest is here, you can use festival banners to direct attendees to parking lots and fair entrances. These colorful, waving flags also lend a fun and festive appearance to the event grounds. A variety of festival signage is also available with custom printed messages. Event organizers can use this style of fair banner to print sponsor or vendor names, so they can thank them for their support. In the thick of the fun festivities within the fairgrounds, smaller signs are best for catching attention. Small festival tents and fair booths require individualized signage. A-frame signs perfectly showcase these vendors' games, food, activities, or art! Travel easels are also great for tent signage because they are can stand on their own and are very portable.

Festival booths are a mainstay of any successful event. If you've ever been to a local fair or music festival, chances are you've seen rows and rows of this type of booth. These portable tents are available in many colors and sizes. In case in inclement weather, some of these street fair tents come with protective side panels. Vendors often display merchandise and gifts in their event tents while other booth attendants cook and sell delicious food or drinks! Ever enjoyed a homemade slice of pie from a fair booth? Heavenly! Just like custom festival flags, many fair tents are completely customizable. Vendors can choose any graphics they want to be printed, from simple text to full color digital images! This type of customization is a great way to get your brand out there! As an event vendor, this is your chance to form relationships with potential customers, so why not make your name and company information as visible and accessible as possible? Inside a fair booth, plastic folding tables, printed table cloths, folding chairs, or brochure holders can help users make the most of their 10x10 canopy. When it comes time to pack up and go home at the end of the day, these supplies fold up easily and store in custom carrying cases between uses!

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