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Displays2go helps pool hall owners find the products they need to keep their business in working order. Starting with your billiard pro shop, our line of fixtures include slatwalls, gridwalls, and store shelving. Our slatwalls and gridwalls are the perfect tools for showcasing products such as cue sticks, bags, and gloves especially because they are modular and can accommodate a variety of different items. See how our gridwall baskets, shelves, and hooks can help display any of your pool hall supplies. You should also check out our designer cash wraps, also known as checkout counters, which usually serve as a main area for customer interaction. Business card holders also make a great addition for your store because they help share contact information or even display pool hall gift cards for sale. Make sure that your pool hall enthusiasts keep coming back by using the best billiards displays and fixtures.

We also offer a large selection of trophy display cases for pool halls. You'll definitely want to purchase a floor standing display case before your next pool league awards. Otherwise trophies could start stacking up on you (yeah, we know you're that good!). Our glass display cases for trophies come in many styles and can also include LED lighting, glass shelves, and lockable doors. Poster frames and bulletin boards are another necessity for your cue sports business. Posting league event times and dates is easier with a snap open frames that make replacing posters a cinch. Our replaceable letter bulletin boards and recycled rubber tack boards are also great for sharing upcoming news with pool enthusiasts.

Speaking of signs, digital signage plays an important role in all the top billiard halls. Digital displays are used for keeping pool game scores, billiard team rankings or brackets, and can also show live television in many cases. Local news and weather can even be programmed to show on a sidebar with these state of the art digital displays. Our digital players are perfect for creating an interactive experience with customers while they play pool or sip cocktails. Using our dynamic digital system will make it easy to change information that updates from day to day.

Our billiard bar stools are perfect for placing around the pool hall building so players can sit and relax while watching or waiting their turn to play. Our bar stools are all height adjustable and come with footrests, backrests, and even armrests on some models. Choose from the many colors available as well as multiple materials like metal, wood, leather, and plastic. Why make your valued customers stand for hours during a tournament when you can furnish your business with these affordable billiard bar stools? Give all you patrons a place to sit and sip their drinks between pool shots.

Outdoor advertising and branding is a must for any business, so Displays2go sells many different types of banner flags and outdoor signs. Many of these pool hall signs have the ability to be customized through our graphics department. We also offer stock "Open" signs and other pre-made style flags. To really make a statement, we provide LED neon "Open" signs for your pool hall window. Easily let your customers know if you are open using any of our custom or pre-printed flags or neon signs today!

Be sure to shop our essential pool hall fixture selection, including outdoor patio furniture and waste receptacles. Our patio umbrellas and café barriers will complete your outdoor seating section while the trash cans will help keep the area clean. Each café barrier and umbrella can be customized with your billiard hall color scheme and logo, so creating a solid, uniform brand is simple. The outdoor furniture is also washable and easy to disassemble when the seasons change. From standard site furnishings like floor mats to customized pool hall signs and banners, Displays2go has it all. If you need help finding the right snooker displays or designing your pool hall graphics, give us a call, write an email, or chat with us online. We are here to help you and your business succeed!

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