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A flea market booth should be #1 on your displays list, for a few reasons. First, having a defined space for your merchandise will help distinguish you from other vendors. We recommend using tent or canopy style flea market booths, especially if the event is outside. You will also be thankful that you have a canopy or tent over your head when the sun starts burning down or the rain starts falling. Plus, you'll be protecting your merchandise! If the event is indoors, a simple booth backdrop is a good choice for defining your area and adding some flair. The #2 flea market display you'll need will ultimately depend of the type of merchandise you're selling, but having a table in your stall is always a good idea. You could use a simple folding flea market table to hold merchandise, or use it as a checkout area where your cash-box, business card, and branded signage sit. And, of course, a chair or two will help when the days are long and your feet get tired! Lastly, you'll need good flea market displays for showcasing your antique or custom merchandise. Racks and shelving are ideal for holding crafts like knitted quilts and scarves. If you're selling vintage jewelry, a flea market display case (especially one that features a portable design) can also be a smart choice. These glass cases will keep your items safe and protected while still offering a full view to browsing shoppers. If your items are neatly and attractively arranged on the right fixtures and displays, and well protected inside a flea market booth or tent, then you're well on your way to a successful day!

While having the right flea market displays for your custom and craft merchandise is half the battle, you will also need to be prepared with any array of signage solutions. Luckily, you've come to the right place. These flea market signs are sure to fit the bill. Choose from a wide array of displays such as sidewalk signs, flags, banners, poster holders, and more! Vendors can choose any full-color graphic to be printed on our selection of foam boards or they could try a silkscreened flag. The location of the festival may also dictate the type of signage that's best for you. For example, flea market flags with ground spike bases are great for getting attention at outdoor events. A floor standing snap-open poster frame, on the other hand, would be the perfect for sign for an indoor event. When it comes to flea market signs, the options are endless!

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