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High school signs play a big part during the beginning and throughout each new school year. Banners with your private or public high school name and year can be hung over the entrance while students, teachers, and parents enter. When walking into the school, digital display boards are great for welcoming visitors and showing upcoming events. In the office, tabletop signs are perfect for telling students and parents where to sign in. Another office necessity is a wall mounted literature organizer for holding early dismissal forms and high school mail. Our reception desks are great for office administers and are available in many sizes to fit any office. Decorating empty school office walls with photos, awards, and even motivational artwork is as easy as finding picture and poster frames on Displays2go.

What is a school room without classroom furniture? Flipper tables are popular because they are extremely simple to fold and store away to create a little extra space. Sit-stand desks are also available for classes that wish to practice proper ergonomics in order to improve student productivity. High school bulletin boards and whiteboards are another popular classroom commodity and we have all the options you are looking for. Our bulletin boards are available with open and enclosed glass fronts, locking doors, tack board & felt backings, as well as indoor and outdoor designs. Our combo bulletin boards with whiteboards are a great buy if you need both but are limited on space. Regular porcelain whiteboards for high schools are always available, but if you are looking for a more modern whiteboard, our glass dry-erase boards come in different sizes and are even magnetic. The glass whiteboards also come with a marker bracket caddy and are wall mountable using standoffs for a nice, clean look.

A few other must-have high school supplies include lecterns, tablet charging carts, and TV/monitor stands. Many teachers like using lecterns, also known as podiums, while teaching the curriculum. There are both multimedia enable and traditional podiums available. If you are looking for a tabletop lectern with enough surface area to hold a laptop, then you're in luck! We also have locking tablet charging carts with casters for easy mobility around the classroom and high school stages. Monitor and television stands are equally important tools to have. With technology on the rise, most schools are moving towards digital curriculum. This creates a need digital high school displays that allow for satellite teaching and collaboration with other classrooms. These high school TV stands and AV carts are available for many different sized screens and often feature swiveling and articulating abilities for more versatility.

You might not think about the hallway being a place to fill with displays, but these corridors are often the most decorated and furnished part of any high school. Some furnishings include bulletin boards, lockers, trophy cases, poster displays, and custom banners. Our high school lockers come in different tier styles to fit any hallway. They also are outfitted with built-in combination, keyed, and electronic locks. Keep your faculty and students personal effects safe with any of our school locker systems.

Custom banners are not only for hallways and outdoor walls. The high school gym is the perfect place for hanging oversized banners announcing new championship winners and other sporting event accomplishments. Presentation equipment such as projector mounts, carts, and screens make featuring video a cinch. Sound and audio systems for high school events will project every speaker's voice so that the commentary and announcements can be heard no matter the size of the crowd.

Remember not to forget about high school cafeteria displays as well. Stanchions and crowd control barriers are needed to keep everyone in line. Other displays such as menu boards and digital displays are great for presenting the different items on daily menus with pricing. To distribute beverages in full or self-service settings, use any of our drink dispensers. Find one with a drip tray to keep the area clean. Our food covers and dispensers will fit any breakfast or lunch dish for you high school cafeteria. Display risers will make it simple for the students to choose what they want and sign clips will make it easy to advertise the types of food and pricing. When lunch period is over, you'll want to make sure you have a clean lunchroom. Our garbage cans and recycling receptacles are great for keeping the eating area spotless indoors and out. Smaller recycling bins are also available for classrooms and offices.

We have many more necessities like literature displays, business card holders and outdoor light boxes. So next time you're looking for high school displays or anything else, make shopping easier by going to Displays2go before looking anywhere else.

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