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What's the first thing you think of when someone says the word "college" - partying! Okay, okay, but all jokes aside people generally think of school spirit! Rallying everyone for the big game or that charity event on campus is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to get students, faculty, and staff together as a community. As an added bonus, these same people are the ones who will talk up the university to future generations and keep the institution going for many years to come. The small effort and expense associated with putting on a rally is always well worth it, so go ahead: Entice prospective students and excite current co-eds with custom college banners and college signs! After all, there's nothing quite as collegiate as a large banner in school colors unfurling from the student commons to announce the next sporting event or social mixer on campus. We offer a variety of custom banners in multiple colors and styles to help you stir up some school pride. From traditional banners and ground-stake flags to indoor pop-up displays, we've got the right college signage for your needs. So get your students excited, promote events, and foster a sense of community with any of our college banners and college signs!

Of course, university signage is far from the only need that higher education institutions have. One of the largest and most important is also the most basic: college furniture. Universities need to outfit classrooms, common spaces, dining halls, dorms, and more. Our large collection of lecterns is a great place to start browsing for classroom supplies. Many models include custom graphics, allowing you to display your official crest or seal. We also offer a wide variety of chairs in a range of styles and price points to suit your needs, from funky pub sets for the student commons to basic black chairs for lecture halls and classrooms. And don't forget the college whiteboard! College dry erase boards remain a staple of every classroom, and we offer a large selection of sizes and styles, including wall mounting, floor standing, and magnetic units. Additionally, many universities now provide workstations, tables, TV mounts, and media carts for professors and students to use. Displays2go even offers college classroom lecterns designed for interactive technology at a variety of price points, so that your institution can stay current and effective within the educational sector.

Despite the ubiquitous use of social network sites, posting flyers for news and events on college bulletin boards still provide an important way to distribute information across campus. We offer hundreds of university bulletin boards with features including locking, outdoor, and illuminated. We stock college cork boards in a variety of eye-catching colors to fit in with existing décor. In addition to memo boards, college wayfinding signs are an extremely important but often overlooked aspect of university life. Indoor directional signs and building directories are a must in large lecture halls and laboratories, so students (and professors) can find their way around. Check out our line of quick clip frames for a low-cost, reusable signage option or consider placing a freestanding building directory display on the ground floor of each hall. Finally, for those students and professors on the go, we offer affordable college furniture for dining halls such as tables and chairs. Our college dining hall accessories are even more extensive, ranging from condiment organizers, salt & pepper shakers, table tents, and cafeteria trays. Why not make it easier for your students to grab a quick meal between classes and study sessions?

Colleges and universities provide a great service in educating young adults and preparing them for the life and careers that lie ahead. Some of these students go on to make discoveries that affect the way we interact with our world. It's important to provide these bright young minds with the tools they need to succeed - literally as well as figuratively! Colleges and universities have to work hard to provide a quality environment while staying on budget, and Displays2go is here to help!

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