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Building a homeschool classroom shares many similarities to a schoolhouse classroom, however the main difference is that it is usually only designed to accomodate several children. The main piece of homeschool furniture to focus on is the desks for both the tutor and the student. The teacher will need a desk or a homeschool lectern to stand behind and store materials while performing their lesson for the day. Use a height adjustable desk with 3 locking drawers as a front-of-classroom platform that is both portable and substantial enough for a semester's worth of lessons! A homeschool podium with a cherry locking cabinet is a great fixture for organizing and storing notes while orating, and are generally used for presentations and speeches. For the pupil desks, try a 40" mobile sit to stand desk for older students who are interested in ergonomic benefits, or for the younger children, purchase a children's homeschool desk and chair that is tilt and height adjustable. As important as the seating arrangment is, equally as important are homeschool tables. A large teak training table is the perfect piece of homeschool furniture for the classroom, its six foot surface provides enough room and space to lay out projects, assignments, computers, crafts and more!

No homeschool classroom is complete without whiteboards and bulletin boards. Whiteboards are crucial learning tools, especially for math and science subjects where problem solving is best demonstrated on a home school dry erase board. If there is not enough space on the wall to mount an erasable classroom board, try a portable one with rolling casters, or a stationary easel with a homeschool white board. Black boards with neon wet erase markers are a fun and modern alternative to whiteboards, and would be a great addition to the class space. A homeschool bulletin board helps organize class assignments, homework, calendars and reminders all in one place. Purchase a sophisticated cork display with a mahogany finish for your modern home classroom. Floorstanding enclosed bulletin boards are a great solution for the corner of the classroom if wall space is tight.

Up-to-date video and audio technology is a must-have for an effective classroom. From projector screens, AV carts and monitor mounts, the classic displays and instruments for deploying a high tech setup can all be found here. Choose from floor standing and wall mounted homeschool monitor brackets to support the latest monitors and play educational videos for the students. AV carts with a locking storage cabinet and constructed from heavy duty plastic are the perfect trollies for keeping expensive technology locked up and accessible when needed. In a home school classroom, space is limited, and these AV carts ensure that square footage is used most efficiently. Monitor mounts and risers are necessary to engage students with their digital machines. With many home school resources available through the internet, it is crucial that the correct fixtures are in place to properly serve content to the students. Utilize projector equipment to teach lessons on a huge screen and provide a full audio and visual presentation to supplement lesson plans from all areas of the curriculum!

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